Landoll XL Pulverizer 28 through 36 Models Operator's Manuals

Landoll XL Pulverizer 28 through 36 Models Operator's Manuals
Landoll XL Pulverizer 28 through 36 Models

Based off of the X-folding concept, the slightly wider center section of the Landoll XL Series offers a manageable transport width and transport height. The XL Series offers a telescoping drawbar to better accommodate use as a companion tool with a disc, finisher or field cultivator. The XL Series uses a single remote hydraulic system and transport lock. Choice of Notched, Crowfoot, Optimizer or V-Wheel ductile iron wheels allow these machines to be set-up to match your soil conditions.

Using this Manual
This manual will familiarize you with safety, assembly, operation, adjustment, and maintenance. Read this manual and follow the recommendations to help ensure safe and efficient operation.

  • The information in this manual is current at time of printing. Some parts may have changed to assure top performance.
  • Location reference: Right and Left designations in this manual are determined by facing the direction the implement will travel during field operation, unless otherwise stated.

Landoll XL Pulverizer 28 through 36 Models Owner Assistance
If customer service or repairs are needed, contact your Brillion dealer. They have trained personnel, parts and service equipment specially designed for Brillion products. Your implement’s parts should only be replaced with Brillion parts. If items covered in this manual are not understood, contact your local Brillion Dealer.

The implement described in this manual has been designed with care and built by skilled workers using quality materials and processes. Proper assembly and maintenance will provide you with satisfactory use for seasons to come.

Warranty Registration
Brillion Farm Equipment, by Landoll, shall have no warranty obligation unless each product is registered within 10 days of retail purchase, using the Landoll Corporation Ag Products on-line registration process. Please refer to the Ag Products Policy and Procedures Manual, accessible at for step by step instructions regarding product registration.

Safety Chain
Use a safety chain to help control drawn machinery should it separate from the tractor drawbar. Use a chain with a strength rating equal to or greater than the gross weight of towed machinery, in accordance with ASAE S338.2 specifications. If two or more machines are pulled in tandem, a larger chain may be required. Chain capacity must be greater that the total weight of all towed implements. A second chain should be used between each implement.

Attach the chain to the tractor drawbar support or specified anchor location. Never attach the chain to an intermediate support. Allow only enough slack in the chain to permit turning. The distance from hitch pin to attachment point or intermediate support point should not exceed 9 inches. If the distance from the drawbar pin to either the front or rear chain attachment point exceeds 9 inches, intermediate chain support is required.

Transport Lock Installation
Attach the two Spring Holders to the frame angles using 1/2-13 x 1-1/2, Bolts and Locknuts. Place a 1/2” Washer, Compression Spring, another 1/2” Washer onto the Spring Holder. Position the base end of the 3-1/2 x 16 Hydraulic Cylinder port side up between the frame lugs. Place a Machinery Bushing on each side of the cylinder. Lower the Transport Lock over the frame lugs. The Transport Lock must be centered over the hydraulic cylinder. Place a machinery bushing on the inside and outside of the Transport Lock and slide 1 x 11-1/8 Pin through all. Secure using 1/4 x 1-1/2 Slotted Pin.

Attach the rod end of the 3-1/2 x 16 Hydraulic Cylinder to the bottom hole of the Transport Axle Arm using vendor supplied hardware. Slide 1 x 8-5/8 Pin into the top hole of the Transport Axle Arm. Place a Sleeve over each end, then a 1 inch Washer. Secure with 3/16 x 2 Slotted Pins. Push down on the Transport Lock and align the Spring Holders with the tabs on the side of the transport lock. Place a Washer and Locknut onto the Spring Holder and tighten until the first hole on the Spring Holder is visible. Insert Hairpin Cotter. The Transport Lock is now in the unlocked position.


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