Landoll Brillion 9K713 Operator's Manual

Landoll Brillion 9K713 Operator's Manual
Landoll Brillion 9K713

Landoll Brillion Farm Equipment, by Landoll, shall have no warranty obligation unless each product is registered, within 10 days of retail purchase, using the Landoll Corporation Ag Products on-line registration process. Please refer to the Ag Products Policy and Procedures Manual, accessible at for step by step instructions regarding product registration.

Owner Assistance
If customer service or repairs are needed, contact your Brillion dealer. They have trained personnel, parts and service equipment specially designed for Brillion products. Your machine’s parts should only be replaced with Brillion parts. If items covered in this manual are not understood, contact your local Brillion Dealer. Landoll Brillion 9K713 Operator's Manual,Landoll Brillion 9K713,Landoll Brillion,Landoll Brillion 9K713 User Manual,Landoll Brillion 9K713 Owner's Manual.

Using this Manual
This manual will familiarize you with safety, assembly, operation, adjustment, and maintenance. Read this manual and follow the recommendations to help ensure safe and efficient operation.

  • The information in this manual is current at time of printing. Some parts may change to assure top performance.
  • Location reference: Right and Left designations in this manual are determined by facing the direction the machine will travel during field operation, unless otherwise stated.

Maintenance Safety
Block the machine so it will not roll when working on or under it to prevent injury in case of hydraulic failure or inadvertent lowering by another person. Do not make adjustments or lubricate machine while it is in motion. Make sure all moving parts have stopped and all system pressure is relieved. Understand the procedure before doing the work. Use proper tools and equipment. Refer to “General Torque Specifications” on page 4-1 for additional information.

Pick Up Seeder Assembly
When shipped, seeder comes assembled except for lights and 3 pt. Hitch.

  1. Support seeder assembly with a hoist or by similar means capable of supporting its weight without tipping.
  2. Position 3 point hitch assembly on center of frame and fasten with four 5/8” U-bolts, Lockwashers and Nuts from bag in seedbox. See Figure 2-1.

Electronic Acre Meter Kit 5K745 (Optional)
The acre meter consists of three main parts, the acre meter, the pick-up and the magnet wheel.

  • Use the acre meter bracket as a guide and drill two 13/32” holes into seedbox at location shown in illustration. Then attach the acre meter bracket as shown with two 3/8-16 x 1” capscrews, lock washers and nuts. See Figure 2-12.
  • Attach the pick up switch to the top of the 5K714 bracket with two 8 -32 x 1 1/4 machine screws, flat washers, lock washers and nuts. Do not tighten screws at this time. See Figure 2-13.
  • Press the magnetic wheel onto the clutch shaft until it is vertically centered with the pickup switch.

S-Tine Tire Track Remover (Optional)

  1. Attach brackets to frame with u-bolts (1/2” x 4-1/2” centers x 7-1/2” deep), lock washers, and nuts. Note that long ends of brackets are downward. Brackets should be about 53” from center of machine. See Figure 2-16.
  2. Attach tube to brackets using straps and 1/2-13 bolts, lock washers, and nuts.
  3. Locate and install S-tines as needed to cover tractor tire tracks. Suggested pattern is to use 1-3/8” point on center tine and 2-1/2” points on each side. If needed, additional tines may be purchased and installed. This kit must be used with standard 9J442 long three point hitch on pickup machines. The Wheel Track Remover is furnished with 6 S-tines. More or less tines may be used as required.

Seed Shaft Sensor Kit (Optional)
Remove the two #10 x 24 x 3/4 self tapping screws from the Magnet Wheel Assembly. Position the rounded half of the Magnet Wheel Assembly on the seed shaft. Ensure it fits squarely onto shaft. Mount magnet half to the rounded half. ensure it fits squarely onto shaft. Fasten the two halves together using two #10-24 x 3/4 self tapping screws. Do not over tighten.

Identify the seed cups on either side of the Magnet Wheel Assembly and remove the 1/4-20 hardware. Insert Sensor into Shaft Sensor Bracket slot. Insert a 1/4-20 x 3/4” machine screw into each seed cup. Align the Shaft Sensor Bracket with the two 1/4-20 x 3/4” screws. Secure with existing lockwashers and nuts. Slide/Position Seed Shaft Sensor so it is 1/8” from the magnet. See Figure 2-21. Tighten both retaining nuts.


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