Landoll 2210 Series Weatherproofer Operator's Manual

Landoll 2210 Series Weatherproofer Operator's Manual
Landoll 2210 Series Weatherproofer

The Landoll Model 2210 Series Weatherproofer I is a quality product designed to give years of trouble free performance. By following each section of this manual, your system will perform as designed for you and your operation. contains assembly instructions for your Model 2210 Series Weatherproofer I . When these procedures are correctly followed, your equipment should provide you years of trouble-free operation and service. instructs how to operate your equipment before using it, and describes adjustments needed. It also gives practical advice for the care and maintenance of your Landoll equipment. Drawings in this section locate adjustment points on the equipment.

Landoll 2210 Series Weatherproofer Frame Assembly
No assembly is needed for the 2215 frame. However, it needs to be placed on stands about 36" high in an open, level area. If your 2210 Series Weatherproofer is equipped with frame extensions, see steps 4 and 5 on this page for their proper installation procedures. Step 6 describes proper installation of tool boxes.

Landoll 2210 Series Weatherproofer Parabolic Shank Assembly

  1. The spring clamp weldments are already located on the frame at the proper spacing.
  2. Attach shank assembly to lower hole of spring clamp using 7/8-9 x 8-1/2 hex head cap screw and hex lock nut. Tighten the nut on the hex head cap screw to 200 ft.-lbs. Grease hollow bolt (See Figure 3-10.)
  3. Assemble spring anchor plates to shank assembly using 5/8-11 x 4 hex head cap screws and hex lock nuts. The bottom edge of stop bracket should be just above the wear guard clamp. Leave screws loose until springs have been installed.

Straight Shank Assembly

  1. The spring clamp weldments are already located on the frame at the proper spacing.
  2. Attach shank bracket weldment to the spring clamp weldment using plastic bearings, 3/4-10 x 8-1/2 hex head cap screw, and 3/4-10 hex lock nut.
  3. Install coil spring assembly between top hole of bracket weldment and top hole of spring clamp weldment. Secure with 1-8 x 8-1/2 hex head cap screw and hex lock nut.

Landoll 2210 Series Weatherproofer Lubrication
The 2210 Series Weatherproofer must be lubricated before using it for the first time, and at regular intervals thereafter. Use a standard multi-purpose grease to lubricate the 2210 Series Weatherproofer (See “Lubrication” on page 4-6 and Figure 4-1.)

Landoll 2210 Series Tractor Preparation
The 2210 Series Weatherproofer is designed to be pulled by tractor equipped with a double lip or clevis type hitch. If your tractor is not equipped as such, you need to purchase the hitch from your local tractor dealer. If your Weatherproofer is equipped with the clevis option, this should be removed. The clevis option is only for transport use. Before attaching the Weatherproofer, prepare the tractor as follows:

  • Inflate the rear tractor tires equally and add ballast according to the tractor operator’s manual.
  • Lock the tractor drawbar in the center position.

Model 2210 Series Weatherproofer Preparation

  1. Prior to operating the Model 2210 Series Weatherproofer, inspect it thoroughly for good operating condition.
  2. Replace worn or missing parts.
  3. When the machine is new, check the bolt tightness after a few hours of operation. Tighten any loose nuts or bolts. Check the gauge wheel lug bolts daily.
  4. Check the gauge wheel tire inflation. Inflate all tires equally to avoid side draft. Follow the tire manufacturer’s recommended pressures listed on the sidewall of the tires.
  5. Check disc scrapers for proper pressure and contact against the disc blade in normal conditions (See Figure 4-2.) Loosen u-bolt A as shown in Figure 4-2 and slide scraper until it contacts disc blade lightly. Tighten u-bolt. For wet soils or in heavy stubble, adjust scrapers 1/16” to 3/16” away from blade. This does not clean blade as well, but keeps residue from pinching between blades and stopping disc gang rotation.
  6. Lubricate the machine as shown in “Lubrication” on page 4-6 (See Figure 4-1.)

Landoll 2210 Series Weatherproofer Hydraulic Maintenance
Check the tractor hydraulic fluid level per tractor owners manual and after any leakage. Check fluid level with the cylinders in the retracted position. If a cylinder or valve leaks, disassemble the parts to determine the cause of the leak. Any time a cylinder is opened up, or whenever any seal replacement is necessary, it is advisable to clean all parts and replace all seals. Seal kits are available from your Landoll dealer. Check all hydraulic hoses weekly. Look for binding or
cracking. Replace all worn or defective parts immediately.


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