Kenworth T800/W900/C500 Heavy Body Builders Manual

This section includes drawings and charts of the following Class 8 models: T800, T800 with Split Fenders, T800 Short Hood, T800 with FEPTO, T800 Wide Hood, W900S, W900B, C500 and W900L. The Extended Day Cab and 38” AeroCab are also included.

On the pages that follow, detail drawings show particular views of each vehicle, all dimensions are in inches (in). They illustrate important measurements critical to designing bodies of all types. See the “Contents” at the beginning of the manual to locate the drawing that you need.
Note: To determine overall height please locate the chart Table 3-3 on page 3-16 and add that value to the height. All heights are given from the bottom of the frame rail.

Kenworth also offers .dxf files and frame layouts of ordered chassis four weeks prior to build. Please speak with your salesman to request this feature when specifying your chassis.

The Extended Day Cab is shown on a standard T800 chassis. It is important to note that the Extended Day will increase any of the models bumper to back of cab dimension and front axle to back of cab dimension by 5.7”. The height (from the bottom of the frame rail) will be 86.9” across the models.

Kenworth W900 RIDE HEIGHTS
The front (FS) and rear (RS) suspension ride heights are provided as a basic tool to determine the overall height of the cab, height of exhaust components, and frame heights. The heights are all calculated from the centerlines of the axles, please be sure to include the tire radius dimension to determine overall height. Note: the frame rail height itself will not  affect the overall height as all components are located from the bottom of the frame rail.

The rear suspension layouts are provided as a tool to help layout bodies prior to arrival. The applicable dimensions are shown. Be sure to check the axle spacing that is shown, as alternate spacings may exist and could change some of the dimensions. The dimensions shown below are the most typical installations, in special cases some hole locations will move. If you are planning on using the holes shown for your body installation, please confirm with your local KW dealer that the drawing below will be the installation used on your specific truck. Ensure that proper torque is used to reinstall any suspension components. See Tables 7-1 and 7-2 on page 7-7. 

It would be a good idea in this case to order the frame layout of your chassis along with your truck order. This can be done on any Kenworth truck, and will be provided 4 weeks ahead of the build schedule.

If there are hole locations that are not detailed please work with your local Kenworth Dealer to request that information. 
Additionally optional axle spacings are shown in the charts, if you would like details on the frame drilling with optional spacings, please contact your local Kenworth dealer.

NOTE: Actual axle spacing can depart from nominal due to axle slant requirements. Final axle spacing can vary by more than an inch from nominal in some cases. If precise axle spacing is critical due to body installation or state/local regulatory requirements please contact Kenworth Applications/technical Support for assistance.

Kenworth T800/W900/C500 Manual

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