Kenworth HVAC Systems Manual

PACCAR is the corporate umbrella for truck, and supply related manufacturing companies, headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. Initially manufactured railroad cars and logging equipment, starting in 1905.

Heavy-duty truck manufacturing market segments:

  • Kenworth Motor Truck Company, USA, in 1945
  • Peterbilt Motors Company, USA, in 1958
  • Dart Truck Company, USA, in 1958
  • Foden Trucks UK in 1981
  • DAF Trucks N.V. in 1996
  • Leyland Trucks UK in 1998

Truck Subsidiaries:

  • Kenworth Mexicana VILPAC 1966
  • Kenworth Australia, in 1970
  • Paccar Engine Manufacturing NA, in 2010

Electrical - CAN Code Designations

  • Multiplex migration began in 2004 in models T600, T660, T800, W900, C500 and Off-Highway models with instrumentation.
  • Crossover trucks use a mixture of original circuit designations for existing electrical truck and chassis components, while “phasing” in the PACCAR circuit numbering system to support the multiplexed instrumentation
  • Circuits numbers and alpha characters used to identify each circuit are much different than in our legacy circuit wiring key

Access to Service Information
Unfortunately due to purely commercial nature of HD and off road, plus high RD and now governmental regulation costs, access to service information is strictly controlled.

Kenworth’s primary responsibility is to provide it’s Dealers with up to the moment information to fulfill warranty responsibilities. Secondary service information access is available, in various levels and costs to:

  1. Fleets
  2. Direct
  3. Dealer Sponsored
  4. Independent Service Providers
  5. Colleges and Technical Schools
  6. Body Builders

Paccar, as with all HD manufacturer’s, is very protective of it’s intellectual information. It does, however, realize that a legitimate need for service information exists outside the Dealer environment.

Testing Thermostatic Switch (N/C)
If freeze switch fails closed, compressor runs all the time and never cycles evaporator eventually freezes up If freeze switch fails open, the compressor will never engage. If wrong calibration, we will not meet duct temperature.

Linear Power Module

  • Check for a varying voltage on the gray control wire when the fan speed knob is moved on the control head.
  • Voltage on the black wire should also vary in conjunction with the fan speed knob and gray control wire.
  • During fan operation, there may be voltage on the cooling rods, depending upon fan speed setting.

R-134a Refrigerant Considerations

  1. Kenworth uses HNBR O-rings (Hydrogenated Nitrite Butadiene Rubber) (may be tinted green). Lubricate O-rings with system specific oil.
  2. Require special oil - Either POE (Early Climate Control Compressors) or PAG (Sanden Compressors). Oil used should not be intermixed.
  3. DO NOT lubricate slim-line seals on T680/T880 and T-series MD with oil. These must be installed on clean, dry fittings.

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