Iveco F1C Engine Repair Manual

Iveco F1C Engine Repair Manual
Iveco F1C Engine Service Manual

None of the fittings / sockets / nuts present in the injector body can be manipulated. There's no need nor is it allowed to disassemble the body of the nozzle or electromagnet. In case of carry out interventions in the discharge tube pressure, the hexagon on the injector side must be immobilized by a wrench. Before carrying out an intervention in the pipes check that the injector is stopped in the seat in the butt.

When carrying out assembly / disassembly injector drain assembly, spring retainer should not be removed from your housing in the injector: pushing the spring towards the motor and exerting a vertical force on the connector is released the recirculation. For mounting, you must support the recirculation connector on the housing and exert a force in the direction vertically, holding down the retaining spring in the direction of motor. Correct installation should not offer difficulties.

Iveco F1C Engine service Manual PDF
When performing a dismount operation pipes will need to be replaced high pressure The tightening or loosening of the fittings fixing must be done with the injectors tors, hydraulic accumulator (rail) and perfectly fixed high pressure pump two and - if the available space allows it mite taking care to keep immobilized the hexagon on the component side.

Hydraulic accumulator (rail and accessrivers) The pressure sensor can withstand 5 consecutive assemblies and then, it will be necessary river replace it. They should be lubricated with a film of oil before assembly.

Loosen the clamps and separate the tubes from the air (6) from the heat exchanger (11 and 12), from the intake manifold. Loosen the clamps and separate the tubes cooling liquid drain (22), from the cylinder head (24), from the inlet tube (8) radiator (23) and radiator (10). Loosen the clamps and disconnect the coolant pipes (13), from the heat exchanger (28) and body of the thermostat.

Remove the screws (7) fixing the tunnel of the fan (9) on the radiator (10). Remove the fixing screws (15) of the radiator (10) on the supports. On the side left, release the clamp (14) holding of the electrical connections (16). By opportunely orienting the tunnel of the fan (9), remove the radiator (10) with the heat exchanger supports.

Iveco F1C Engine Repair Manual PDF
From the tube (26) of the water pump, connect the tube (25) from the fuel tank expansion (17) and the tube (1) of the heater from the cabin. Unplug electrical connections (19) of the pressure switch (27) and the level sensor located in the tank expansion (17). Remove the nuts (18) fixing the expansion tank (17) and separate it from Wall.

Remove the oil filler cap (20) and remove the soundproofing cover (21). Loosen the clamp and disconnect the tube (2) of the corresponding housing of the recirculation of oil vapours. Loosen the clamps and disconnect the air pipe (4) from the turbocharger (3) and of the air filter (5).

Disconnect the vacuum tube (3) from the turbocharger actuator (2) variable geometry (if present). Cut the fixing clamps of the wiring harness at the motor and unplug the electrical connections of: electro-valve VGT (6, if present), alternator (4), oil level sensor (7), pressure sensor rpm (8), electromagnetic seal (9), sensors (22) of temperature of the liquid of cooling, phase sensor (10), electro injectors (26), temperature sensor air (23), glow plugs (24), fuel pressure sensor (25), fuel pressure regulator cable (20), oil pressure sensor (16).


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