Iveco NEF N40-ENT-M25 Installation Directive Manual

Iveco NEF N40-ENT-M25 Installation Directive Manual
Iveco NEF N40-ENT-M25 PDF Installation Manual

We strongly recommend that you carefully read the indications contained in this document: compliance with them protects the engine against irregular operation and assures its reliability, safe guarding sea-going and maintenance personnel against accident hazards.

The indications contained in this directive pertain to the N40 ENT M25, N60 ENT M37 and N60 ENT M40 engines and complement the IVECO MOTORS publication “Guide to the Installation of Marine Engines” the reader should refer to, for anything that is not explained herein. For more complete information about the engine, please refer to the appropriate technical brochure. Use of fuels and oils with different characteristics from those set out in the operation and maintenance manual may compromise the regular operation of the engine, limiting its performance, reliability and working life.

Exclusive use of IVECO Original Parts is a necessary condition to maintain the engine in its original integrity. Tampering, making modifications and using non original parts can jeopardize the safety of boat engineers and users.
To obtain spare parts, you must indicate:

  1. Commercial code, serial number and indications shownon the engine tag;
  2. Part number of the spare as per spare part catalog.

The information provided below refer to engine characteristics that are current as of the publication date. IVECO MOTORS reserves the right to make modifications at any time and without advance notice, to meet technical or commercial requirements or to comply with local legal and regulatory requirements.


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