Iveco Engine NEF45TM5 Operating Manual

Iveco Engine NEF45TM5 Operating Manual
Iveco Engine NEF45TM5 Operating Manual PDF

We would like to thank you for buying an IVECO MOTORS product, and compliment you on your choice of engine. Before you carry out any operation involving the engine or its fittings, please read the contents of this manual carefully compliance with the instructions provided in the manual is the best way to guarantee trouble-free, long term operation of the engine.

The contents of this manual refer to the standard configuration of the engine, and the illustrations are purely indicative. Some instructions are provided by giving the sequence of operations to be carried out in order to allow the engine and/or its fittings to perform in a certain way. In some cases they will be dependent on the configuration of the commands and the set-up of the machine on which the engine is installed for any points that differ from the contents of this manual, please consult the instructions provided by the machine Manufacturer or a specific manual. The information provided below was current at the date of publication.

The Manufacturer reserves the right to make modifications at any time without prior notice, for technical or commercial reasons or to update the engines to comply with legal requirements in the various Countries.

The Manufacturer declines all liability for any errors or omissions. Please remember that the IVECO MOTORS Technical Service Network is available to offer you its experience and professional skills, wherever you may be.

In order to ensure that your engine gives the best possible performance and to take advantage of the IVECO MOTORS guarantee, you must follow the indications provided in this publication with great care failure to do so may result in invalidation of the guarantee.

Always use Original IVECO MOTORS Spare parts. This is essential to keep the engine in original running order. The use of non-original spare parts will not only invalidate the guarantee, but will mean that IVECO MOTORS will not be considered liable in any way during the whole working life of the engine.

The Manufacturer will only be considered liable subject to performance of the control and maintenance operations indicated and described in this manual to this effect, proof that these operations have been performed must be provided. Any special maintenance operations that may be necessary must be carried out by qualified technicians from authorised Workshops in the IVECO MOTORS Network, using the instruments and equipment provided for the purpose.

The start-up and shut-down operations described below apply to an on-board control panel manufactured by IVECO MOTORS if the Manufacturer of the vehicle or machine has fitted a customised instrument panel, these operations may vary according to the various choices made during construction. In these cases, follow the start-up/shut-down sequences and use the instrument panel description provided in the specific documentation.

Starting the engine from the IVECO MOTORS control panel
Insert the key into the switch (1) and turn it to the right to position 1B. “Run”. Once the indicator lights have been tested and the beeper has stopped sounding, make sure that the analogue instruments are showing values that conform with the relevant physical parameters of temperature, battery voltage and oil pressure (information on how to interpret the indicators and alarms is given in the relevant paragraph).

If the engine is fitted with a pre-heating system (optional) and the engine temperature is lower than the minimum value foreseen for it to come into operation, wait for the relevant indicator light to go out.

Turn the key to position 1C “Start” and release it once the engine has started, without accelerating.

Make sure that the “Battery recharge” and “Oil pressure low” indicators have turned off and that the analogue instruments are showing values that conform with the relevant new physical parameters. If the pre-heating system has intervened, the relevant indicator will turn on again to indicate that the post heating phase is in progress the duration of this function is proportional to the temperature value.

Start-up of a power generator
The start-up method described above may vary, depending on the solutions used to create the electric panels and the system control and running boards so you should always comply with the indications provided by the Fitter of the power generating plants or the Manufacturer of the machine, even if the panels and control stations have been created using the same components used for IVECO MOTORS panels. In any case, after start-up the engine will automatically revert to the selected running speed. It is suggested that the engine be warmed up with a reduced load before applying the full load (*).