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Manuals for repairs are split into Parts and Sections, each one of which is marked by a numeral; the contents of these sections are indicated in the general table of contents. The sections dealing with things mechanic introduce the specifications, tightening torque values, tool lists, assembly detaching/reattaching operations, bench overhauling operations, diagnosis procedures and maintenance schedules. The sections (or parts) of the electric/electronic system include the descriptions of the electric network and the assembly’s electronic systems, wiring diagrams, electric features of components, component coding and the diagnosis procedures for the control units peculiar to the electric system.

The manual uses proper symbols in its descriptions; the purpose of these symbols is to classify contained information. In particular, there have been defined a set of symbols to classify warnings and a set for assistance operations.

This publication describes the characteristics, data and correct methods for repair operations on each component of the vehicle. If the instructions provided are followed and the specified equipment is used, correct repair operations in the programmed time will be ensured, safeguarding against possible accidents. Before starting to perform whatever type of repair, ensure that all accident prevention equipment is available and efficient. All protections specified by safety regulations, i.e.: goggles, helmet, gloves, boot, etc. must be checked and worn. All machining, lifting and conveying equipment should be inspected before use.

The data contained in this publication was correct at the time of going to press but due to possible modifications made by the Manufacturer for reasons of a technical or commercial nature or for adaptation to the legal requirements of the different countries, some changes may have occurred. No part of this publication, including the pictures, may be reproduced in any form or by any means.

Assemblies shall be modified and equipped with additions - and their accessories shall be fitted - in accordance with the assembling directives issued by IVECO Motors. It is reminded that, especially about the electric system, several electric sockets are provided for as series (or optional) sockets in order to simplify and normalise the electrical intervention that is care of preparation personnel.

Section 1 describes the F2C engine illustrating its features and working in general. Section 2 describes the type of fuel feed. Section 3 relates to the specific duty and is divided in four separate parts:

  1. Mechanical part, related to the engine overhaul, limited to those components with different characteristics based on the relating specific duty.
  2. Electrical part, concerning wiring harness, electrical and electronic equipment with different characteristics based on the relating specific duty.
  3. Maintenance planning and specific overhaul.
  4. Troubleshooting part dedicated to the operators who, being entitled to provide technical assistance, shall have simple and direct instructions to identify the cause of the major incon veniences.

Sections 4 and 5 illustrate the overhaul operations of the engine overhaul on stand and the necessary equipment to execute such operations. The appendix contains a list of the general safety regulations to be respected by all installation and maintenance engineers in order to prevent serious accidents taking place.

The water pump is actuated by the crankshaft through a poli-V belt and sends coolant to the cylinder block, especially to the cylinder head (bigger quantity). When the coolant temperature reaches and overcomes the operating temperature, the thermostat is opened and from here the coolant flows into the radiator and is cooled down by the fan. The pressure inside the system, due to temperature change, is adequately controlled through the expansion vessel.

Iveco Cursor C9 Service Repair Manual

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