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Freightliner CORONADO User Manual. Daily Pretrip Inspection and Maintenance. Complete the following inspection and maintenance procedures to ensure that vehicle components are in good working condition before each trip. A driver who is familiar with the vehicle and drives it regularly can perform the daily inspections, then add the weekly and monthly post-trip inspections as scheduled. If the driver does not operate the vehicle on a consistent basis, all daily, weekly, and monthly inspection and maintenance procedures should be performed before the trip.

Freightliner CORONADO. Periodic Inspections and Maintenance, General Information. Regulations in Canada and the U.S. clearly indicate that it is the driver’s responsibility to perform an inspection, and ensure the complete road-worthiness of a vehicle, before placing it into service. Commercial vehicles may be subject to inspection by authorized inspectors, and an unsafe vehicle can be taken out of service until the driver or owner repairs it.

Use the following checklists to ensure that vehicle components are in good working condition before each trip. Careful inspections eliminate stops later to fix overlooked or forgotten items. The checklists in this chapter can be copied and kept as a record that the procedures have been completed. For details on how to inspect each item on the checklists, see the corresponding procedure later in this chapter.

Fontaine Fifth Wheels
The Fontaine sliding fifth wheel mount is designed to provide optimum axle loading for maximum tractor use with different lengths and types of trailers. The sliding fifth wheel mount is used with the Fontaine H5092 series, and 6000/7000 No-Slack II series fifth wheels, and is equipped with either an air-operated release slide (AWB or HAWB models), or a manual release slide (MWS or HMWS models).

On Fontaine fifth wheels kingpin release is accomplished by activating a manual lock control handle located on either the right side or left side of the fifth wheel. Kingpin lockup occurs when the kingpin is forced into the jaws and the lock control handle moves to the locked position.

The fifth wheel top plate is mounted on a slide assembly, which is attached to slide rails that are mounted on the vehicle frame. The slide rails permit forward and rearward movement of the slide assembly, allowing for optimum weight distribution over the tractor axles.

Slots are evenly spaced along the slide rails, and retractable tapered wedges are positioned through the slots to hold the fifth wheel in the desired position. See Fig. 10.13 or Fig. 10.14.

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