Freightliner CORONADO 122 Driver Manual

Freightliner CORONADO 122. This vehicle must be regularly inspected and maintained as indicated in the 122SD and Coronado 132 Maintenance Manual, and in the Pre- and Post-Trip Inspections and Maintenance chapter in this manual, in order to continue satisfactory performance and ensure coverage of the vehicle under the manufacturer’s warranty. Many maintenance procedures ensure that the vehicle and engine continue to comply with applicable emissions standards. Maintenance procedures, using components engineered to comply with greenhouse gas emissions and fuel efficiency regulations, may be performed by an authorized Daimler Trucks North America dealer, an independent outlet, or the vehicle owner or operator.

Freightliner CORONADO 122 Driver Manual. The vehicle owner is responsible for determining the suitability of replacement components to maintain compliance with federal and local jurisdictional regulations. Components including, but not limited to, tires, cab/sleeper side extenders, chassis fairings, bumper, hood, vehicle speed limiters, and idle reduction timers are specifically designed and manufactured to exacting standards for regulatory fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions compliance. It is important that these components are always replaced with components that meet or exceed the performance of the originally installed components.

Model year 2013 and later vehicles meet additional requirements as specified by federal greenhouse gas and fuel efficiency regulations (GHG14). These vehicles are equipped with components that increase fuel efficiency and reduce GHG emissions. Components may include, but are not limited to, low rolling resistance tires; aerodynamic devices such as hood, cab side extenders, and fuel tank fairings; vehicle speed limiters; and idle shutdown timers.

Sleeper Exit Door
The sleeper door (Fig. 2.5) is not intended for entry or exit. The door is intended only as a convenient means to stow or remove personal belongings in and from the sleeper area. To open the door from inside,push down on the lever handle located inside the sleeper compartment to the right of the door. The door can be opened from the outside by first opening the baggage door, then pulling the release cable strap just inside on the left of the baggage door opening. To close the door, push it closed until it latches.

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