Freightliner Conventional Service Manual

Freightliner Conventional Service Manual
Freightliner Conventional Repair Manual

Freightliner Conventional. This vehicle is equipped with one or more devices that record specific vehicle data. The type and amount of data recorded varies depending on how the vehicle is equipped (such as the brand of engine, if an air bag is installed, or if the vehicle features a collision avoidance system, etc.).

This manual provides information needed to operate and understand the vehicle and its components. More detailed information is contained in the Owner’s Warranty Information for North America booklet, and in the vehicle’s service and maintenance manuals.

Custom-built Freightliners are equipped with various chassis and cab components. Not all of the information contained in this manual applies to every vehicle. For details about components in your vehicle, refer to the chassis specification pages included in all new vehicles and to the vehicle specification decal, located inside the vehicle.

The vehicle specification decal (Fig. 1.1) lists the vehicle model, identification number, and major component models. It also recaps the major assemblies and installations shown on the chassis specification sheet. One copy of the specification decal is attached to the inside of the glove box; another copy is inside the rear cover of the Owner’s Warranty Information for North America booklet.

Instrument and Control Panel
Figure 2.1, Figure 2.2, and Figure 2.3 represent a portion of a typical Freightliner dash equipped with all of the standard and many of the optional instruments and accessories. Most standard and optional instrument gauges and switches can be mounted in this dash.

A warning and indicator light module, located above the speedometer and tachometer, houses all of the standard and optional warning and indicator lights. Some of the controls discussed in this chapter are not dash-mounted.

Manual Override Push Button, Optional Engine Shutdown System
If the vehicle is equipped with an engine shutdown system with a manual override push button (Fig. 2.4), simultaneously depress the engine start button and the manual override push button. Once the engine has started, release the engine start button, but continue to depress the override push button until the warning bell stops.


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