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Freightliner Columbia. Recall campaigns cover situations that involve service work or replacement of parts in connection with a recall notice. These campaigns pertain to matters of vehicle safety. All recall campaigns are distributed to dealers customers receive notices that apply to their vehicles.

Freightliner Columbia Service Manuals. Field Service Campaigns Field service campaigns are concerned with non-safety-related service work or replacement of parts. All field service campaigns are distributed to dealers customers receive notices that apply to their vehicles.

Freightliner Columbia Manuals Vehicle Storage
There may be times when a vehicle is stored for long periods before customer delivery. To protect all vehicles from deterioration and weather, they must be properly maintained. Adequate protection and storage of new vehicles is the responsibility of the dealer.

Freightliner Columbia Manuals Vehicle Receipt
Prior to signing for vehicle delivery from a transporter company, the dealer is responsible for checking for transporter-related shortages or damages, and noting these discrepancies on the transporter’s delivery receipt. The dealer is also responsible for ensuring that thevehicle was built according to the Truck Sales Order/Invoice.

Threaded Fastener Types
The majority of threaded fasteners used throughout the vehicle have U.S. customary threads (diameter and pitch are measured in inches). See Fig. 1. However, the engine and some items attached to the cab use metric fasteners (diameter and pitch are measured in millimeters).

Freightliner Columbia Workshop Manuals. Most threaded fasteners used on the vehicle that are 1/2-inch diameter or larger are plain hex-type fasteners (non-flanged); all metric fasteners are nonflanged. Special hardened flatwashers are used under the bolt head, and between the part being attached and the hexnut, to distribute the load, and to prevent localized overstressing of the parts. The washers are cadmium- or zinc-plated, and have a hardness rating of 38 to 45 HRC. Some fasteners smaller than 1/2-inch diameter are flanged fasteners, which have integral flanges that fit against the parts being fastened. The flanges eliminate the need for washers.

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