Freightliner 122SD Maintenance Manual

Scheduled maintenance provides a key element for the safe operation of your vehicle. A proper maintenance program also helps to minimize downtime and to safeguard warranties. This maintenance manual provides information necessary for years of safe, reliable, and cost-efficient vehicle operation.

IMPORTANT: The maintenance operations in this manual are not all-inclusive. Also refer to other component and body manufacturers’ instructions for specific inspection and maintenance instructions. A listing of many OEM websites of vehicle component or system providers can be found in the 122SD and Coronado Workshop Manual, Section 00.02.

Perform the operations in this maintenance manual at scheduled intervals. Perform the pretrip and post-trip inspections, and daily/weekly/monthly maintenance, as outlined in the vehicle driver’s manual. Major components, such as engines, transmissions, and rear axles, are covered in their own maintenance and operation manuals, that are provided with the vehicle. Perform any maintenance operations listed at the intervals scheduled in those manuals. Your Freightliner Dealership has the qualified technicians and equipment to perform this maintenance for you. They can also set up a scheduled maintenance program tailored specifically to your needs. Optionally, they can assist you in learning how to perform these maintenance procedures.

Determining Scheduled Maintenance Intervals
Performing regular maintenance on your Freightliner vehicle will help ensure that your vehicle delivers safe reliable service and optimum performance for years to come. Failure to follow a regular maintenance program can result in inefficient operation and unscheduled down time.

Determine the correct maintenance intervals and op erations for your vehicle as follows.

  1. Using Table 1, determine the type of service or conditions the vehicle will be operating in. Generally, most vehicles operate under conditions that fall within one of the four types of service listed.
  2. Using Table 2, determine how often maintenance should be performed, based on the vehicle’s service schedule.
  3. When the vehicle reaches the distance (or hours of operation) given for a maintenance interval, as shown in the appropriate table in Vehicle Maintenance Schedule Tables: 00-02, see the appropriate Maintenance Interval Operation Table (listed below) for a list of the maintenance operations to be performed.

Vehicles that annually travel over 60,000 miles (100 000 km) and meet the following qualifications:

  • Meritor 15-1/2 inch dampened/ceramic Lite Pedal LTD clutch with sealed release bearing.
  • Synthetic transmission fluid used in transmission.
  • Meritor FF–961 or FF–981 front axle (12,000 lb. capacity) with synthetic lubricant.
  • Front suspension with maintenance-free rubber bushings for 12,000 lb. capacity suspension.
  • Meritor RPL series, or Dana Spicer SPL series driveline U-joints.
  • Synthetic lubricant used in rear axle.
  • Equipped with any Freightliner AirLiner suspension.
  • Equipped with Meritor Q-Plus extended-lube cam brakes and automatic slack adjusters,front and rear.
  • Standard brake system package including Bendix AD-9 air dryer with heater, and a Bendix air compressor.
  • TRW TAS65 power steering.

Freightliner Initial Maintenance (IM) Operations: 00-03
The Initial Maintenance table lists all maintenance operations that are to be performed at the initial maintenance (IM) interval. Maintenance operation numbers are reference numbers used to help you find detailed instructions in this manual on the maintenance operations to be performed. All operations listed in the table, along with the operations listed in the applicable M1 maintenance interval table, must be performed to complete the initial maintenance (IM).

Freightliner M1 Maintenance Interval Operations: 00–04
The M1 Maintenance Interval Operations tables list all maintenance operations that are to be performed at the M1 maintenance interval. Maintenance operation numbers are reference numbers used to help you find detailed instructions in this manual on the maintenance operations to be performed.

Freightliner Recommendations for Replacement Parts
Replacement parts used for maintenance or repair of noise emission controls should be genuine Freightliner parts. If other than genuine Freightliner parts are used for replacement or repair of components affecting noise emission control, the owner should be sure that such parts are warranted by their manufacturer to be equivalent to genuine Freightliner parts in performance and durability.

Freightliner Noise Emission Controls Warranty
Refer to the vehicle owner’s warranty information book for warranty information concerning noise emission controls. 

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