FIAT 500X Owner's Manual

FIAT 500X Owner's Manual

We have written this handbook to help you get to know all the features of your vehicle and use it in the best possible way. Here you will find information, advice and important warnings regarding use of your vehicle and how to achieve the best performance from the technical features of your Fiat 500X. You are advised to read it right through before taking to the road for the first time, to become familiar with the controls and above all with those concerning brakes, steering and gearbox; at the same time, you can understand the vehicle behaviour on different road surfaces. This document also provides a description of special features and tips, as well as essential information for the safe driving, care and maintenance of your Fiat 500X over time.

This Owner Handbook describes all Fiat 500X versions. Options, equipment dedicated to specific markets or versions are not explicitly indicated in the text: as a consequence, you should only consider the information which is related to the trim level, engine and version that you have purchased. Any content introduced throughout the production of the model, outside the specific request of options at the time of purchase, will be identified with the wording (where provided), FIAT 500X,FIAT 500X Owner Manual,FIAT 500X User Manual,FIAT 500X Service Manual.

All data contained in this publication are intended to help you use your vehicle in the best possible way. FCA Italy S.p.A. aims at a constant improvement of the vehicles produced. For this reason it reserves the right to make changes to the model described for technical and/or commercial reasons. For further information, contact a Fiat Dealership.

IMPORTANT Any change or alteration of the vehicle might seriously affect its safety and road holding, thus causing accidents, in which the occupants could even be fatally injured.

IMPORTANT The use of these devices inside the passenger compartment (without an external aerial) may cause the electrical systems to malfunction. This could compromise the safety of the car in addition to constituting a potential hazard for passengers' health.

IMPORTANT If mobile phones/laptops/smartphones/tablets are inside the car and/or close to the electronic key, reduced performance of the Keyless Entry/Keyless Go system may occur.

In-depth knowledge of your new vehicle starts here. The booklet that you are reading simply and directly explains how it is made and how it works. That’s why we advise you to read it seated comfortably on board, so that you can see immediately what is described here for yourself.

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