FIAT 500 Owner's Manual PDF

FIAT 500 Owner's Manual PDF
FIAT 500 Owner's Manual

The Fiat Code system is an electrical engine immobiliser system which increases protection against attempted car theft. It is automatically activated when the ignition key is removed. Each time the vehicle is started by turning the ignition key to MAR, the Fit CODE system control unit sends a recognition code to the engine control module to deactivate the immobiliser. If, during ignition, the code is not correctly recognized, a warning light is lit on the instrument panel.

In this case, turn the key to STOP and then to MAR-ON; if it is still locked, try again with the other keys that come with the car. Contact a Fiat Dealership if you still cannot start the engine. NOTE Each key has its own code which must be stored by the control unit of the system. Contact a Fiat Dealership to have new keys (up to 8) stored with a code. FIAT 500 Owner's Manual,FIAT 500 User Manual,FIAT 500 Service Manual.

Passenger side with no position memory: to restore the seat to its original position, slide the seat backwards pushing the backrest until the desired position is reached (movement 4), adjust lever D-fig.14 (movement 5) and raise the backrest (movement 6) until the locking movement can be heard.

Some versions have an electrochromic mirror with automatic antiglare function. There is an ON/OFF button on the lower part of the mirror for activating/deactivating the electrochromic function. When the function is active, a LED on the mirror is active. When reverse is engaged, the mirror is automatically set for daytime use.

Press the AUTO button I-fig. 23. Select the desired temperature by pressing the temperature control buttons B. The system automatically maintains the set temperature. NOTE The climate control system manages the Start&Stop function to guarantee a suitably comfortable climate in the passenger compartment by deactivating this function when necessary.

The sensor will be activated when the ignition device is turned to MAR, and will be deactivated in the STOP position. This is a device located behind the interior rear view mirror fig. 30, in contact with the windscreen. It can measure the amount of rain and, consequently, control the automatic windscreen wiping mode depending on the amount of water on the windscreen.

To open manually from outside (driver side door)
From outside, insert the key, turn it in direction 1 fig. 33 and pull the handle. If the car has central locking, turning the key opens all the locks.

The driver can feel that the ABS system has come into action because the brake pedal pulsates slightly and the system gets noisier: this is entirely normal with the system operating.


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