FIAT 500L LIVING Owner Manual

FIAT 500L LIVING Owner Manual

Each time direction instructions (left/right or forwards/backwards) about the vehicle are given, these must be intended as The figures in the Owner Handbook are provided by way of example only: this might imply that some details of the image do not correspond to the actual arrangement of your vehicle. In addition, the Handbook has been conceived considering vehicles with steering wheel on the left side; it is therefore possible that on vehicles with steering wheel on the right side, the position or construction of some controls is not exactly mirror-like with respect to the figure.

To identify the chapter with the information needed you can consult the index at the end of this Owner Handbook. Chapters can be rapidly identified with dedicated graphic tabs, at the side of each odd page. A few pages further there is a key for getting to know the chapter order and the relevant symbols in the tabs. There is in any case a textual indication of the current chapter at the side of each even page. FIAT 500L LIVING Owner Manual,FIAT 500L LIVING User Manual,FIAT 500L LIVING PDF Manual.

We really know your car because we invented, designed and built it: we really know every single detail. At Fiat Service authorised workshops you can find technicians directly trained by us, offering quality and professionalism for all service operations. Fiat workshops are always close to you for the regular servicing operations, season checks and practical recommendations by our experts. With Original Parts distributed by MOPAR, you maintain the reliability, comfort and performance features that you bought your new car for over time. Always ask for Genuine Parts for the components used on our cars; we recommend them because they come from our steady commitment in research and development of highly innovative technologies. For all these reasons: rely on Genuine Parts, because they are the only ones designed by FCA for your car.

FCA has been committed for many years to safeguarding the environment through the constant improvement of its production processes and manufacturing products that are increasingly "eco-compatible". To grant customers the best possible service in terms of respecting environmental laws and in response to European Directive 2000/53/EC governing vehicles at the end of their life, FCA is offering its customers the chance to hand over their vehicle at the end of its life without incurring any additional costs. The European Directive sets out that when the vehicle is handed over, the last keeper or owner should not incur any expenses as a result of it having a zero or negative market value.

To hand your vehicle over at the end of its life without extra cost, contact one of our dealerships if you are purchasing another vehicle or an FCA-authorised collection and scrapping centre. These centres have been carefully chosen to offer high quality service for the collection, treatment and recycling of vehicles at their end of life, respecting the surrounding environment. You can find further information on these collection and scrapping centres either from an FCA dealership or by calling the number in the Warranty Booklet or by consulting the websites of the various FCA brands.

The use of snow chains should be in compliance with local regulations of each country. In certain countries, tyres marked with code M+S (Mud and Snow) are considered as winter equipment; therefore their use is equivalent to that of the snow chains. Snow chains can be fitted to the tyres of the front wheels (drive wheels) only. Check the tension of the snow chains after the first few metres have been driven. Using snow chains with tyres with non-original dimensions may damage the vehicle. Using different size or type (M+S, snow, etc.) tyres between front and rear axle may adversely affect vehicle driveability, with the risk of losing control of the vehicle and resulting accidents. Snow chains cannot be fitted to the space-saver wheel (for versions/markets, where provided). If a front tyre is punctured, replace a rear wheel with the space-saver wheel and move the rear wheel to the front axle. In this way, with two normal drive wheels at the front, snow chains can be fitted.


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