Eaton 4106 and 5206 Transmission Service Manual

Eaton 4106 and 5206 Transmission Service Manual
Eaton 4106, Eaton 5206 Transmission

Transmission Identification
All transmissions are fitted with an identification plate on the left hand side of the front case showing

  1. Transmission serial number.
  2. Transmission model.
  3. Manufacturing data code.
  4. Transmission specification number.

The transmission specification number is unique to each customer and gives precise details of the transmission design level. This number must be quoted when ordering replacement parts. There are currently two design levels of the Eaton 4106 transmission. Each level is identified by the specification number.

  • Y 0400
  • Y 04100

Before reassembling the transmission, the individual parts should be carefully checked to eliminate those damaged. They should be renewed. This inspection procedure should be carefully followed to ensure the maximum wear life from the rebuilt unit.

The cost of a new part is generally a small fraction of the total cost of downtime and labour, should the use of a questionable part make additional repairs necessary before the next regularly scheduled overhaul.

Operating Temprature
It is important that the transmission operating temperature does not exceed 120¡C (250¡F) for an extended period of time. Operating temperatures above 120¡C (250¡F) cause breakdown of the oil and shorten transmission life.

The following conditions in any combination can cause operating temperatures of over 120¡C (250¡F):
1. Operating consistently at road speeds under 32 km/h (20m.p.h.)
2. High engine RPM
3. High ambient temperature
4. Restricted air flow around transmission
5. Exhaust system too close to transmission
6. High horsepower, over-drive operation
7. High power PTO operation for extensive periods while stationary
High operating temperatures may require more frequent oil change.


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