Eaton Clark 280V, 280VHD Transmission Service Manual

Eaton Clark 280V, 280VHD Transmission Service Manual
Eaton Clark 280V Transmission

This manual has been prepared to provide the customer and the maintenance personnel with information and instructions on the maintenance and repair of the CLARK Transmission.

Eaton Clark 280V Transmission Service Manual
Extreme care has been exercised in the design, selection of materials and manufacturing of these units. The slight outlay in personal attention and cost required to provide regular and proper lubrication, inspection at stated intervals, and 
such adjustments as may be indicated will be reimbursed many times in low cost operation and trouble free service. In order to become familiar with the various parts of the transmission, its principle of operation, troubleshooting and adjustments, it is urged that the service person study the instructions in this manual carefully and use it as a reference when performing maintenance and repair operations.

Whenever repair or replacement of components parts is required, only Clark-approved parts as listed in the applicable parts manual should be used. Use of “will-fit” or non-approved parts may endanger proper operation and performance of the equipment. The Clark Equipment Company does not warrant repair or replacement parts, nor failures resulting from the use thereof, which are not supplied by or approved by the Clark Equipment Company.