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Detroit V71 User Manual Descriptions, instructions and parts listing pertaining to the Model QWT 85 are discussed throughout this manual under the general headings Chassis, Pump and Ladder. Detroit V71 Spare Part Foldout illustrations and schematics are located at the rear of this volume. The foldout format is provided in order that illustrations and schematics may be referred to while the supporting text is being examined and studied.

A detailed description is given in the Introduction of each volume to assist the user in finding the information required to maintain the equipment.

  1. Operator's Manual (TM 5-4210-227-10) This manual is designed to provide the information necessary for a fire fighter or mechanic to properly operate the truck, the pump and the ladder.
  2. Maintenance Manual (TM 5-4210-227-24&P) This manual is divided into 8 volumes and contains the information necessary for an experienced mechanic to-maintain and repair all facets of the apparatus. Each volume is individually indexed for ease of reference. This manual contains all the information necessary to obtain assemblies and subassemblies or individual parts, required to repair and maintain the fire truck.

Detroit V71 Service Manual Proper service and repair is important to the safe, reliable operation of all motor vehicles. The service procedures recommended by Detroit Diesel Allison and described in this service manual are effective methods for performing service operations. Some of these service operations require the use of tools specially designed for the purpose. The special tools should be used when and as recommended. It is important to note that some warnings against the use of specific service methods that can damage the vehicle or render it unsafe are stated in this service manual. It is also important to understand these warnings are not exhaustive. Detroit Diesel Allison could not possibly know, evaluate and advise the service trade of all conceivable ways in which service might be done or of the possible hazardous consequences of each way. Consequently, Detroit Diesel Allison has not undertaken any such broad evaluation. Accordingly, anyone who uses a service procedure or tool which is not recommended by Detroit Diesel Allison must first satisfy himself thoroughly that neither his safety nor vehicle safety will be jeopardized by the service method he selects.

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Detroit V71 Owners Manual The information, specifications and illustrations in this publication are based on the information in effect at the time of approval for printing. This publication is revised and reprinted periodically. It is recommended that users contact an authorized Detroit Diesel Service Outlet for information on the latest revisions. The right is reserved to make changes at any time without obligation.

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