Detroit Diesel DDEC IV Application and Installation

Detroit Diesel DDEC IV Application and Installation
Detroit Diesel DDEC IV User Manual

Hardware supplied by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and DDC is required to install DDEC IV. The following sections list the minimum hardware required. The engine-mounted ECM includes control logic to provide overall engine management. The ECM continuously performs self diagnostic checks and monitors other system components. System diagnostic checks are made at ignition-on and continue throughout all engine operating modes.

Detroit Diesel DDEC IV The ECM contains an Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (EEPROM). The EEPROM controls the basic engine functions, such as rated speed and power, timing of fuel injection, engine governing, torque shaping, cold start logic, transient fuel delivery, diagnostics, and engine protection. The control logic determines duration and timing of fueling, which results in precise fuel delivery and improved fuel economy.

Detroit Diesel DDEC IV Application and Installation Atmospheric Pressure The engine mounted ECM can withstand atmospheric pressures ranging from 62.0 to 120.0 kPa absolute that result from altitude and weather changes in the operating and non-operating conditions.

Detroit Diesel DDEC IV User Manual The Engine Sensor Harness (ESH) is installed at the factory and is delivered connected to all engine sensors and the ECM. See Figure 3-2 for an illustration of a typical on-highway ESH for the Series 60 and Figure 3-3 for the Series 50. Refer to Appendix B for a harness schematic. The VIH 30-pin connector is designed to accept 18 gage (0.75 - 0.80 mm2) standard wall thickness cable only.

Detroit Diesel DDEC IV Parts CatalogThe acceptable cable insulations are Teflon (EFTE), cross-link polyethylene (XLPE) or any equivalent self-extinguishing insulation such as GXL having a minimum rating of -40 C to 125 C. An equivalent insulation must meet the acceptable cable diameters from 2.00 - 2.42 mm.

Detroit Diesel DDEC IV Problems The conductor must be annealed copper, not aluminum, and must comply with the industry standard SAE J1128 document. Detroit Diesel Corporation recommends color coding and hot stamping wire numbers in contrasting colors at intervals of four inches or less.


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