Detroit Diesel DDEC Multi-ECM Troubleshoting

Detroit Diesel DDEC Multi-ECM Troubleshoting
Detroit Diesel DDEC Multi-ECM Troubleshoting Manual

Troubleshooting of the DDEC III system and the DDEC IV system is identical. The external appearance is the same for both systems. The DDEC IV system allows for an increased processor speed and increased memory. DDEC III ECMs and DDEC IV ECMs are not interchangeable.

Detroit Diesel DDEC Multi-ECM Instructions for repair in this manual are generic. For example, "Repair Open" is used to advise the technician that a particular wire has been determined to be broken. In some cases it may not be best to try and locate the open. It may be that the best repair technique is to replace a complete harness. The technician should make the determination of the proper repair, with the best interest of the customer in mind.

DDEC Multi-ECM Troubleshoting Instructions to "Contact Detroit Diesel Technical Service" indicate that at the time of this publication, all known troubleshooting checks have been included. Review any recent Service Information Bulletins (SIB) or Service Information Letters before calling. It is also suggested that other DDC outlets be contacted. e.g. if you are a dealer or user, contact your closest DDC Distributor.

Detroit Diesel DDEC Multi-ECM service Manual Instructions in this manual may suggest replacing a non DDC component. It may be required to contact the supplier of the component, e.g. truck manufacturer for a TPS concern, to obtain approval to replace the component.

Instructions to check terminals and connectors should include checking for proper contact tension. Using a mating terminal, a modest force should be required to remove a terminal from its mate. Replace terminals with poor tension. After completing any repair, always clear fault codes that may have been generated during the troubleshooting process.


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