Detroit Diesel service manual dd15

Detroit Diesel service manual dd15
Detroit Diesel service manual

Detroit Diesel service manual The information in this manual is subject to change without notice. Although every effort was made to ensure that the most current information is made available to you, Detroit Diesel Corporation makes no claims, written or implied, as to the validity of the information contained at time of purchase.

This manual is designed to be used like any reference book. Please take a few moments to read and familiarize yourself with the basic operation of Optimized Idle.

An understanding of Optimized Idle concepts and terminology will be useful in obtaining the most benefit from this product. Brief definitions of the terminology used with Optimized Idle and throughout this manual can be found in the glossary.

Optimized Idle with DDEC software reduces engine idle time by running the engine only when required. Optimized Idle is a system which automatically stops and restarts the engine to accomplish the following:

  1. Keep the engine oil temperature between factory set limits
  2. Keep the battery charged
  3. Keep the cab/sleeper or passenger area at the desired temperature (using the optional thermostat)

Detroit Diesel service manual dd15 Idle time and fuel savings information is available through DDEC Reports. Other benefits include overall reduction in exhaust emissions and noise, and improved starter and engine life (by starting a warm engine and eliminating starting aids). The system also reduces dead batteries due to electrical loads, such as refrigerators or satellite systems. Optimized Idle operates in one of two modes:

  1. Engine Mode
  2. Thermostat Mode (includes the same features as Engine Mode)

Engine Mode is used to keep the battery charged and the engine oil temperature between factory set limits. The Optimized Idle Active Light is illuminated whenever Engine Mode is active.

Thermostat Mode is used to keep the cab/sleeper (on--highway truck) and passenger area (coach) at the desired temperature and maintain the Engine Mode parameters. The optional thermostat must be turned ON for Thermostat Mode to be active. The Optimized Idle Active Light is illuminated whenever Thermostat Mode is active.

DDEC software allows the engine brakes to be turned on during shutdown. The amount of engine braking is determined by the dash - mounted engine brake switches. Braking during shutdown reduces cab shake.

Continuous Run Condition and Extended Idle Condition
Under normal conditions, the engine will cycle on and off to keep the interior at the desired temperature. Two automatic conditions which help keep the operator comfortable and reduce engine cycling are described in the next sections.

Continuous Run Condition
This condition allows the engine to run continuously if the outside temperature parameter exceeds the parameterized limits (hot and cold) and the thermostat set point can not be met (factory default is 25°F (-4.00°C) for cool mode and 90°F (32°C) for heat mode). When the thermostat is in the Continuous Run Condition, the temperature icon will flash along with the heat or cool icon.

Extended Idle Condition
NOTE: If Optimized Idle enters the extended idle condition, it may be an indication that the heat or cool setting on the thermostat does not match the vehicle heating or cooling system setting. It could also be an indication of low freon, blockage in the heater system, or system tampering.

If the Continuous Run Condition is not needed and the thermostat set point is not met within 45 minutes, the engine will shut down for 15 minutes, restart and run for 15 minutes. This 15 minute on and off cycle will continue until the thermostat set point is reached or until the thermostat is turned off.

With the Main Display showing the interior temperature, press the Cool/Heat selection button until the desired icon is showing. The Cooling Mode indicator icon indicates the cooling mode, the Heating Mode indicator icon indicates the heating mode.

The Optimized Idle thermostat settings are protected by a password that can be installed by the fleet management, refer to the thermostat reprogramming guide, 18SA366 or call the Detroit CSC for further assistance with this. PROGRAMMING LIMITS AND NEW PASSWORD

Setting Limits for Continuous Run Condition
The values for high temperatures and low temperature allow the engine to run continuously to heat or cool the vehicle interior, when outside temperatures exceed set limits. The values set in this section are a guideline. Factors such as sunload, vehicle body style, and location may affect these values. The factory default settings are 32°C (90°F) for the upper limit, and -3°C (25°F) for the lower limit.

Setting the Minimum Comfort Zone
The Comfort Zone is the number of degrees (Celsius or Fahrenheit) from the Optimized Idle thermostat set point before the engine runs to heat or cool the vehicle interior. The larger the Comfort Zone, the longer the time between Thermostat Mode engine starts. The minimum Comfort Zone can be set and the driver will not be able to choose a Comfort Zone lower then the minimum set.


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