Detroit Diesel Engine Series V-149 Service Manual

Detroit Diesel Engine Series V-149 The installation kit is for use on the Detroit Diesel V-149 engines with drives designed for the Woodward SG governor. The parts are sold in kit number 8956-142 which includes item 1 through 9. Items may be purchased separately.

These instructions are for the conversion from the Woodward SG governor to the Woodward EG-3P actuator. For information about electric controls, see manuals:

  1. 25070, Electric Governor Installation Guide
  2. 82516, EG-3P Product Specification
  3. 82560, EG-3P Manual

Detroit Diesel Engine Series V-149 workshop Manual Install the magnetic pickup in the flat surface used for the engine support bracket on the right side of engine. Drill an access hole in the engine support bracket and flywheel housing for the magnetic pickup. See Figure 3, Views A and B for location and dimensions of magnetic pickup hole.

Detroit Diesel Engine Series V-149 Service Manual The distance between the pickup and the outside diameter of the gear should be approximately 0.040” (1.02 mm) at the closest point. This clearance must be kept through one full turn of the flywheel.

Tighten the jam nut. Be careful not to turn the magnetic pickup. Figure 1, Views A and B shows the linkage arrangement and reference numbers. Figure 1, View C, shows the new control rod plate. Figure 2 shows the control rod plate in relation to the EG-3P actuator. Figure 3 shows the location of the magnetic pickup and dimensions for drill and tap. Figure 4 shows the connector assembly. Figure 5 shows the magnetic pickup assembly.

Install the oil line from the oil reservoir to either of two 1/8” pipe tapped inlet holes marked with an “S” on the base of the actuator. A minimum of 5 psi (34 kPa) oil supply pressure is needed. The supply should be filtered engine oil.

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