Detroit Diesel Engine Series 60 Service Manual

Detroit diesel series 60 service manual Turbocharger Speed Sensor Faults Turbocharger speeds rarely exceed 100,000 rpm for any length of time. Speeds exceeding 100krpm and dropping rapidly is a warning sign. 30krpm changes in speed at 1 second intervals is almost imposable. Consider a false signal being sent to the ECM rather than this event actually occurring. The ECM is responding to the signals it is receiving from sensors.

Detroit 60 series overhaul manual Monitor the turbocharger speed and the engine boost, watch for normal, expected changes. Note in one of the next snap shot samples that the turbocharger speed reaches 108,000 rpm and boost is only 7.1psi. Turbo Speed Sensors (pn 23530252) that have a date code stamped on the sensor connector between 0703 to 3703 should be changed first if suspect then contact DDC Technical Service for further assistance.

Detroit diesel series 60 parts manual The Variable Pressure Orfice (or Output) Device is used to control the pressure to the actuators used for the EGR valve and turbocharger vane position. The most common failure is external leakage of air. You can hear the leak when you activate the PWM for each VPOD.

Detroit diesel series 60 parts diagram Relative Humidity/Turbo Compressor Inlet Temperature Sensor This sensor is a DDC part installed and wired by the OEM. Most faults here have been due to incorrectly wired 10 pin connector. The ECM will usually log a fault code for one or the other side this combination sensor.

Detroit diesel series 60 troubleshooting Turbo Compressor Outlet Temperature During heavy loaded operation the outlet of the turbo to the charge air cooler becomes very hot. Logic built into DDEC allows for derating of torque to reduce these temperatures to prevent charge air cooler failures. The derate code (flash code 49) of 404 14 logs without turning on the check engine light. This inactive code is stored to allow technicians the ability to assure the driver there is not any fault of failure and this operation is normal to the EGR system.

Detroit diesel series 60 Stuck or Sticking VNT or EGR Valve Actuator When the actuator is sticking, DDEC can’t control turbocharger speed or EGR flow smoothly. Turbocharger speed and PWM 4- VNT % will fluctuate greatly. If the EGR actuator is sticking you are able to see EGR flow with the PWM2 % staying at 7% (which is closed). The engine's temperature can be a factor in this operation.

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