Detroit Diesel Engine DDFP Service Manual

Detroit Diesel Engine DDFP This manual co vers Detroit Diesel engines. These engines have been manuf actured with specif ic options to function integrally with an automa tic engine controller for stand-by fire protection service and to meet NFP A-20 requirements. These systems ar e designed to function under emergency conditions and to assist in holding fire damage to a minimum. Complete understanding of the operation and maintenance of this fire protection system is essential to ac hieve this objective.

Detroit Diesel Engine DDFP Service Manual The diesel engine is an internal comb ustion power unit, in which the heat of fuel is converted into work in the cylinder of the engine. In the diesel engine, air alone is compressed in the cylinder then, after the air has been compressed, a charge of fuel is sprayed into the c ylinder and ignition is accomplished by the heat of compression.

Detroit Diesel Engine DDFP Parts Catalog The DDFP model number appears on the FM/UL/ULC tag attached to the right rear of the engine flywheel housing. The DDC basic engine model number appears on the engine rocker cover. The engine S/N should be the same at both locations.

In the tw o-cycle engine, intake and e xhaust functions take place during part of the compression and po wer strokes respectively (Fig. 1) or (Fig. 2). In contrast, a four cycle engine requires four piston strokes to complete an operating cycle thus, during one half of its operation, the four cycle engine functions merely as an air pump.

Diesel Engine DDFP Repair Manual A blower is pro vided to force air into the c ylinders for expelling the exhaust gases and to supply the cylinders with fresh air for combustion. The cylinder wall contains a row of ports which are above the piston when it is at the bottom of its stroke. These ports admit the air from the blower into the cylinder as soon as the rim of the piston unco vers the ports

Diesel Engine DDFP User Manual DDFP Engines are equipped with a positive displacement gear type fuel transfer pump. Fuel pumps are furnished in either left or right hand rotation according to the engine model, and are stamped RH or LH. These pumps are not interchangeable and cannot be rebuilt to operate in an opposite rotation. The fuel pump used on the 53 series engine is driven by the governor assembly on the left rear . On I-71 it is attached and driven off the rear of the lower engine blower rotor. On VEE engines, the pump is attached and driven off the right front blo wer rotor located on the v ee of the block.

Detroit Diesel Engine DDFP Series Service Manual

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