Detroit Diesel DD13-DD15 Installation Manual

Detroit Diesel DD13-DD15 The DD Platform engines are a new line of six cylinder four–stroke diesel engines. The DD15TM engine has a displacement of 14.8L, horsepower ranging from 455 to 560 BHP, and torque ranging from 1550 to 1850 lb·ft. The engine is also equipped with a turbocompound system for improved fuel economy.

The DD13TM shares very similar architecture and layout to the DD15TM engine, but with a displacement of 12.8L and no turbocompound system. Horsepower ratings are available from 350hp to 450hp and torque from 1350ft-lb to 1650 lb·ft.

Detroit Diesel DD13-DD15 service Manual Vital features of the DD Platform engines include an amplified common rail fuel injection system, dual overhead camshafts, an integrated Jake Brake®, DDEC VI electronic control system, active aftertreatment, outstanding NVH characteristics, and torque response that delivers 95% of peak torque at an engine speed of only 1000rpm.

Detroit Diesel DD13-DD15 Installation Manual The electronic control system is the Detroit Diesel Electronic Control System (DDEC®) an advanced electronic fuel injection and control system. The engine calibration programmed in the memory of the Motor Control Module (MCM) uniquely defines the operational characteristics of the engine. The Common Powertrain Controller (CPC) contains all of the vehicle functionality.

This manual covers engine models:

  1. 472900 DD Platform Western Star On-Highway Truck
  2. 472901 DD Platform Freightliner On-Highway Truck
  3. 472902 DD Platform Sterling On-Highway Truck
  4. 471900 DD Platform Western Star On–Highway Truck
  5. 471901 DD Platform Freightliner On-Highway Truck
  6. 471902 DD Platform Sterling On-Highway Truck

Detroit Diesel DD13-DD15 Application Manual The DD Platform engines are a family of inline, six cylinder, four stroke engines. The DD15TM has a displacement of 2.47 liters per cylinder and total displacement of 14.8 liters. The DD13TM has a displacement of 2.13 liters per cylinder and total displacement of 12.8 liters. All DD Platform engines use a separate Charge Air Cooling (CAC) system in addition to the conventional Jacket Water (JW) cooling system.

DD Platform On-Highway Engine The DD Platform engine dual overhead cam design optimizes the intake and exhaust air passages in the cylinder head for easier breathing. The cam follower roller in the injector rocker arm is made of silicon nitride which makes it possible to operate at very high injection pressures while maintaining long life of the roller.

The intake and exhaust port configuration of the DD Platform is unique. In this design, the valve orientation has been rotated 90 degrees from the traditional arrangement used in push-rod engines. Other engines rotate the valves 45 degrees, to promote push-rod actuation. However, the 90 degree design provides several distinct advantages such as very short, unobstructed intake and exhaust ports for efficient air flow, low pumping losses, and reduced heat transfer.

Detroit Diesel DD13-DD15 Service Manual

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