Detroit Diesel DD13-DD15 Application and Installation Manual

Detroit Diesel DD13-DD15 Application and Installation Manual
Detroit Diesel DD13-DD15 Manual Installation

This document is a guideline for qualified personnel. It is intended to be used by equipment manufacturers and contains Detroit Diesel Corporation's recommendations for the ancillary systems supporting the Detroit Diesel engines covered by this document. The equipment manufacturer is responsible for developing, designing, manufacturing and installing these systems, including component qualification. The equipment manufacturer is also responsible for furnishing equipment users complete service and safety information for these systems. Detroit Diesel Corporation makes no representations or warranties regarding the information contained in installation of these ancillary systems, or the preparation or distribution to equipment users of preliminary and incomplete and is subject to change without notice.

Detroit Diesel DD13-DD15 Manual Installation This manual discusses the proper application and installation of the Detroit Diesel DD Platform engine. The intention of this manual is to provide information in general terms so that it may be applicable for all applications unless specifically noted or identified.

This manual contains the following information:
General information on safety precautions and on accessing installation drawings
Specific component and accessory information on various production models
Information on the air inlet, exhaust, cooling, fuel, lubrication, electrical, mounting, and starting aid systems.
Information on the data can be found on the, a website that provides information such as technical data and installation drawings.

The DD Platform engines are a new line of six cylinder four–stroke diesel engines. The DD15TM engine has a displacement of 14.8L, horsepower ranging from 455 to 560 BHP, and torque ranging from 1550 to 1850 lb·ft. The engine is also equipped with a turbocompound system for improved fuel economy.

The DD13TM shares very similar architecture and layout to the DD15TM engine, but with a displacement of 12.8L and no turbocompound system. Horsepower ratings are available from 350hp to 450hp and torque from 1350ft-lb to 1650 lb·ft.

Vital features of the DD Platform engines include an amplified common rail fuel injection system, dual overhead camshafts, an integrated Jake Brake, DDEC VI electronic control system, active aftertreatment, outstanding NVH characteristics, and torque response that delivers 95% of peak torque at an engine speed of only 1000rpm.

The electronic control system is the Detroit Diesel Electronic Control System (DDEC) - an advanced electronic fuel injection and control system. The engine calibration programmed in the memory of the Motor Control Module (MCM) uniquely defines the operational characteristics of the engine. The Common Powertrain Controller (CPC) contains all of the vehicle functionality.