Daewoo Heavy Duty Truck E3D4F service manual

Daewoo Heavy Duty Truck E3D4F service manual
Daewoo Heavy Duty Truck E3D4F Repair manual

Tata Daewoo’s new Novus tractor has all the characteristics of a winner :outstanding driving and handling characteristics, superb comfort and convenience that begins with a roomy interior, a powerful and rugged power train, impressive hauling capability including hill climbing performance. Moreover, it is built to handle around the clock high speed operation that will enhance your bottom line. Tata Daewoo’s new Novus 4×2 tractor is excellent choice for the rapid transport of light cargo. It is available in both regular model and car-carrier models. Equipped with a powerful dependable engine, this tractor leads the way in performance and features.

Various Model Selection

  1. 4×2: M2T6F, M2TEF, M2S6F, M2SEF, M2SVF
  2. 6×4: V3T6F, V3T8F, V3TEF, V3TVF

For extra fast unloading of remix, the drum on Tata Daewoo’s new 6×4 mixer truck features a 3.0 rotation mixer blade and 7m3capacity. Auxiliary equipment includes a high performance decelerator and a large-c a p a c i t y water tank for quick clean ups and faster turnaround times. If remix is your business, Tata Daewoo’s 6×4 mixer is a partner you can count on.

Tata Daewoo’s new Novus tank lorry offers excellent mobility plus outstanding anti-corrosion and safety features thanks to a solidly designed tank. If your bottom line depends on the efficiency of your truck then you can rely on Tata Daewoo’s new generation tank lorry to deliver the highest standards of performance. Advanced safety features provide total peace of mind under all operating conditions. Equipped with a powerful but economical engine and featuring a highly durable tank and chassis, you enjoy peak operating efficiency and a maximum return on your investment.

At Tata Daewoo, we understand that every business has its own special needs. That’s why we make a range of specialized needs. That’s why we make a range of
specialized trucks to meet the different needs. The new Arm Roll truck is just one example of the numerous specialized models we offer. Combining excellent dynamic performance and impressive convenience features, the new Arm Roll truck is highly capable and efficient performer. This hard working truck will start enhancing your bottom line in less time than you think. When you think about maximum efficiency and top capacity, Tata Daewoo will be your best choice.


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