Daewoo Wheel Loader Manual M300-III Service Manual

Accessory Applications
The wheel loader has been designed primarily for moving earth with a bucket. For use as a grapple or for other object handling, contact Daewoo. Lifting work applications are permitted in approved lift configuration, to rated capacity only, with no side loading (unless prohibited by local regulation).

DO NOT use the machine for activities for which it was not intended. DO NOT use the bucket for lifting work, unless lift slings are used in the approved configuration.

Working in rough terrain, use of an accessory hydraulic hammer (breaker), demolition applications, or other hazardous operation may require installation of additional protective structures to safeguard the operator.

Static Tipping Load
The machine can lift a maximum of 14,500 kg (31,967 lb) with the bucket in the Straight Ahead position, and a maximum of 12,000 kg (26,455 lb) with the bucket in the Fully Turned position. Hooks and slings must be attached to an eye that is in the center of the bucket. All lifts must be made with the machine standing on a firm and level surface. Loads must be balanced and supported evenly.

Use taglines to keep the load steady if wind conditions and large surface area are a problem. Work crew hand signals, individual tasks and safe procedures should all be universally understood before the lift is made.

Locations of Safety Labels
Always keep these labels clean. If they are lost or damaged, attach them again or replace them with a new label. Make sure replacement parts have current labels. There are other labels in addition to the safety labels that follow so handle them in the same way. Safety labels may be available in languages other than English. To find out what labels are available, contact your Daewoo distributor.

The wheel loader pilot control system is equipped with an accumulator. The accumulator will store a pressure charge that may enable the hydraulic controls to be activated for a brief period of time after the engine has been shut down. Activation of any of the controls may enable the selected function to operate under the force of gravity.

Attachment Precautions
Options kits are available through your dealer. Contact Daewoo for information on available one way (single-acting) and two-way (double-acting) piping/valving/ auxiliary control kits. Because Daewoo cannot anticipate, identify or test all of the attachments that owners may wish to install on their machines, please contact Daewoo for authorization and approval of attachments, and their compatibility with options kits.

Digging Beneath the Wheel Loader
Digging beneath the wheel loader is dangerous. The earth beneath could collapse. This could cause the wheel loader to tip, which could cause serious injury or death to the operator. Working around deep pits, trenching or along high walls may require support blocks, especially after heavy rainfalls or during spring thaws.

Digging Beneath Overhangs
Digging beneath an overhang is dangerous. The overhand could collapse on top of the operator and cause serious injury or death. Go on to another digging area before steep overhangs are formed. Know the height and reach limits of the wheel loader and plan ahead while working. Park wheel loader away from overhangs before work shutdown.

Operate While Seated at the Operator’s Station ONLY
Never reach in through a window to work a control. Do not try to operate the wheel loader unless you are in the command position – seated at the controls. You should stay alert and focused on your work at all times but DO NOT twist out of the seat if job activity behind you (or to the side) requires your attention.

Use a spotter or signal person if you cannot see clearly and something is happening behind you. Replace damaged safety labels and lost or damaged operator’s manuals.

Do not let anyone operate the machine unless they have been fully and completely trained, in safety and in operation of the machine.

Daewoo Wheel Loader Manual M300-III Repair Manual

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