DAEWOO Ultra Novus Fault Codes

DAEWOO Ultra Novus Fault Codes
DAEWOO Ultra Novus Fault Codes PDF Manual

Engine diagnostics (self-diagnosis) dl06, dl08, dv11)
The engine diagnostics can be carried out by scanning the scan-200 or by checking the fault codes displayed on the instrument panel with a flashing control lamp with Image of the engine. We recommend that you use a diagnostic scanner asIt provides a quick and accurate check.

  1. Diagnostics procedure
  2. Turn the mainSwitch
  3. The "on" position of the battery.
  4. Ignition key-in position"ON".
  5. Engine does notIt's working.
  6. Press the engine diagnostics button.(Hold 2SEC).
  7. The control lamp will start flashing ontheinstrument panelImage of theengine.
  8. Check the fault codes, then turn the ignition key into thePosition

Removing the fault code
ToThe faults stored in the memory of the Electronic Control Module (ESM) can be easily removed from theUsing the scanner. The history of theeliminated fault codes is automatically removed from the ECU memory after 5 days. Erasing the eliminated fault codes from the ECU memory can be done manually, turning on and off the ignition 5 times. Do not use this method permanently because it will affect the search time The service center using the scanner. NNeed willreproduce conditions of malfunctions in real conditions Engine operation when the vehicle is moving.

Diagnostics of ABS system (self-diagnosis) (optional)
Diagnostics of the ABS system is usually performed at startup Engine.If no problems are found when the ignition key is turned to the on position, the ABS system indicatorsиAsr(Traction System Switched Shortly afterEnable. If no system errors are detected while the engine is running, the indicators will not blink.Detected malfunctions If any malfunctions are detected during the verification performed by the ECU unit, the indicator The ABS system starts flashing and the ABS system shuts down partially or completely. If any problems are detected by the ECU through the wheel speed sensor while driving, the ABS system indicators will blink until the ECU receives tFace-to-face results from all sensors located on wheels. If the normal state of the system is confirmed, the ABS indicator will be extinguished. Flashing code The ABS indicator informs you of malfunctions and indicates that they are flashing. Flashing block code of the electronic UEThe board engine is used to transmit two types of codes:

Removing the fault code (ASR shutdown function)
You can forcibly disable the ASR function to monitor the Funkctional Brakes and increase/decrease Torque of theengine. Utb It is usually required that Would Measure the speed on the roller stand (running drums) to check the braking system or in other cases (difficult road conditions).

  1. Hold The ABS system self-diagnosis button for5 seconds, with ignition keyposition"ON".
  2. After 5 seconds the system signal is litAsr.
  3. Burning Lamp Means That the ASR system is disabled ("OFF").
  4. Error code 17/80 Will Blink if you are inThis isIt's timeWill Conduct system self-diagnosisAbs.
  5. Lamp system ASR is disconnected, When You remove the error code after you finish Just Process.

The ASR function will be activated in normal mode.