Daewoo D1146, D1146TI, DE08TIS Diesel Engine Service Manual

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This maintenance manual is designed to serve as a reference for DAEWOO Heavy Industries Ltd's (here after DAEWOO’s) customers and distributors who wish to gain basic product knowledge on DAEWOO's D1146, D1146TI and DE08TIS Diesel engine. This economical and high-performance diesel engine (6 cylinders, 4 strokes, in-line, direct injection type) has been so designed and manufactured to be used for the overland transport or industrial purpose. That meets all the requirements such as low noise, fuel economy, high engine speed, and durability.

To maintain the engine in optimum condition and retain maximum performance for a long time, CORRECT OPERATION and PROPER MAINTENANCE are essential. In this manual, the following symbols are used to indicate the type of service operations to be performed.

If you have any question or recommendation in connection with this manual, please do not hesitate to contact our head office, dealers or authorized service shops near by your location for any services. For the last, the content of this maintenance instruction may be changed without notice for some quality improvement. Thank you.

General Repair Instructions

  1. Before performing service operation, disconnect the grounding cable from the battery for reducing the chance of cable damage and burning due to short-circuiting.
  2. Use covers for preventing the components from damage or pollution.
  3. Engine oil and anti-freeze solution must be handled with reasonable care as they cause paint damage.
  4. The use of proper tools and special tools where specified is important to efficient and reliable service operation.
  5. Use genuine DAEWOO parts necessarily.
  6. Used cotter pins, gaskets, O-rings, oil seals, lock washer and self-lock nuts should be discarded and new ones should be prepared for installation as normal function of the parts can not be maintained if these parts are reused.
  7. To facilitate proper and smooth reassemble operation, keep disassembled parts neatly in groups. Keeping fixing bolts and nut separate is very important as they vary in hardness and design depending on position of installation.

Toroidal combustion mode (D1146)
The D1146 engine is operated in the toroidal combustion mode that was developed by this company with AVL Co. Australia. The feature of this mode in the fundamental structure is that there are combustion chambers in the centers of piston heads and swirling passages in the cylinder heads. This swirling passages when intake stroke generates the strong swirling motion in the combustion chambers by giving the intake air a big moment, and when compression stroke, the special piston’s shapes causing very complicated and distorted flows by means of eddy current and squashed flows will make the air and fuel mix more smoothly.

Also, when explosion stroke, a considerable output increase came to be expected with the accomplishment of nearly perfect combustion by the more smooth mixing of air and fuel which was injected through multi-nozzles in the combustion chamber. This engine by means of Toroidal Combustion Mode has the specific character such as quiet and stable revolutional motion, multi-purpose application, economical fuel and oil consumption, etc.

OMEGA combustion bowl (D1146TI, DE08TIS)
The OMEGA combustion bowl is a unit designed to perform high efficiency, low emission combustion. As the rim around the combustion bowl port of the upper of the piston has been machined in a smaller size than the interior of the combustion bowl, strong swirl is produced in the combustion bowl and strong squish flow makes the fuel be mixed more sufficiently with air.

Due to the application of OMEGA combustion system and optimal utilization of intake and exhaust port configuration within the cylinder head, the D1146TI, DE08TIS diesel engines discharge very low level of hazardous exhaust gases such as smoke, nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbon, or carbon monoxide and thus ensure high performance and low fuel consumption.

Daewoo Diesel Engine Service Manual

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