Daewoo CIELO EURO III Manual

Once the origin of the leak has been pinpointed and traced back to its source, the cause of the leak must be determined in order for it to be repaired properly. If a gasket is replaced, but the sealing flange is bent, the new gasket will not repair the leak. The bent flange must be repaired also. Before attempting to repair a leak, check for the following conditions and correct them as they may cause a leak.

Daewoo CIELO EURO III Service Manual
Engine knock refers to various types of engine noise. Heavy knock is usually very loud and the result of broken or excessively worn internal engine components. Light knock is a noticeable noise, but not as loud. Light knock can be caused by worn internal engine components. Loose or broken external engine components can also cause heavy or light knock.

Daewoo CIELO EURO III Repair Manual
An automobile engine is a combination of many machined, honed, polished and lapped surfaces with tolerances that are measured in the ten-thousandths of an inch. When any internal engine parts are serviced, care and cleanliness are important. A liberal coating of engine oil should be applied to friction areas during assembly, to protect and lubricate the surfaces on initial operation. Proper cleaning and protection of machined surfaces and friction areas is part of the repair procedure. This is considered standard shop practice even if not specifically stated.

Whenever valve train components are removed for service, they should be kept in order. They should be installed in the same locations, and with the same mating surfaces, as when they were removed. Battery cables should be disconnected before any major work is performed on the engine. Failure to disconnect cables may result in damage to wire harness or other electrical parts.

Daewoo CIELO EURO III Service Manual

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