Claas Lexion 470-420 Technical Systems PDF Manual

The present document exclusively describes all special electric and hydraulic functions of the LEXION Montana series. Explanations and descriptions concerning the basic machine and the front attachments can be found in the relevant Electric System (297 550.x) and Hydraulic System (297 549.x) documents.

Claas LEXION-Montana Electric System
Montana machine: In this circuit, the difference between the standard machine and the Montana machine is only in a cable branch at connector P to P1. The signal of ground speed control lever in neutral position (Z57) is required on Montana machines for releasing the gear shifting.
Diesel engine electric starting motor: As a safety start switch, relay K53 is supplied with earth only when switches (Z57a/Z57b) on the ground speed control lever are in neutral position and the threshing mechanism is disengaged via relay K13. The ignition lock (S64) then actuates the diesel engine starting motor (M21) via relay K53 with +50a.

Montana brake pressure accumulator
The sensor/switch (B90) controls the brake system accumulator pressure and, if necessary, actuates the working hydraulics master valve (Y77) via the gearshift control module (A36) in order to recharge the brake circuit accumulator.

Montana axle hydraulics master valve
For the Montana functions as well, the circulation of the independent axle control system hydraulics must be blocked (see also "Hydraulic System" document). According to the actuated functions, the Montana control unit (A35) actuates the Montana master valve (Y128) and/or the working hydraulics master valve (Y77) via the gearshift control module (A36).

Power supply / communication Montana terminal (A41)
The Montana terminal (A41) is supplied with power by the Montana control unit module (A35) ñ see "Pin assignment in modules". The Montana terminal (A41) performs all manual triggering of Montana functions. The Montana terminal (A41) communicates with the Montana control unit module (A35) via an own CAN bus which is independent of the CLAAS system.

Axle control system adaptation
The CAN bus data of the separate Montana control unit are converted in the axle control system adaptation module A40 and made available to the CLAAS CAN bus system. According to the axle position, the value of the feed rake conveyor position sensor (B35) is offset in the AUTOCONTOUR module (CAC). This allows working in hilly ground with the CAC function "Pre-set cutting height control" and area counting.

Claas Lexion 470-420 Technical Systems, Hydraulic System PDF manual

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