CLAAS Lexion 700 Series Steering Ready Combine Installation Manual

Read this manual and the operation and safety instructions included with your implement and/or controller carefully before installing the SmarTraxTM system.

  1. Follow all safety information presented within this manual.
  2. If you require assistance with any portion of the installation or service of your Raven equipment, contact your local Raven dealer for support.
  3. Follow all safety labels affixed to the SmarTrax system components. Be sure to keep safety labels in good condition and replace any missing or damaged labels. To obtain replacements for missing or damaged safety labels, contact your local Raven dealer.

When operating the machine after installing SmarTrax, observe the following safety measures:

  1. Be alert and aware of surroundings.
  2. Do not operate SmarTrax or any agricultural equipment while under the influence of alcohol or an illegal substance.
  3. Remain in the operator’s position in the machine at all times when SmarTrax is engaged.
  4. Disable SmarTrax when exiting the operator’s seat and machine.
  5. Do not drive the machine with SmarTrax enabled on any public road.

Determine and remain a safe working distance from other individuals. The operator is responsible for disabling SmarTrax when the safe working distance has diminished.
Ensure SmarTrax is disabled prior to starting any maintenance work on SmarTrax or the machine.

Hydraulic Safety

  1. Raven Industries recommends that appropriate protective equipment be worn at all times when working on the hydraulic system.
  2. Never attempt to open or work on a hydraulic system with the equipment running. Care should always be taken when opening a system that has been previously pressurized.
  3. When disconnecting the hydraulic hoses or purging is required, be aware that the hydraulic fluid may be extremely hot and under high pressure. Caution must be exercised.
  4. Any work performed on the hydraulic system must be done in accordance with the machine manufacturer’s approved maintenance instructions.
  5. When installing SmarTrax hydraulics or performing diagnostics, maintenance, or routine service, ensure that precautions are taken to prevent any foreign material or contaminants from being introduced into the machine’s hydraulic system. Objects or materials that are able to bypass the machine’s hydraulic filtration system will reduce performance and possibly damage the SmarTrax valve.

Preparing for Installation
Before installing the SmarTrax system, park the machine where the ground is level, clean, and dry. Turn off the machine and leave it turned off for the duration of the installation process. During the installation process, follow good safety practices. Be sure to carefully read the instructions in this manual as you complete the installation process.

Install the Chassis Cable - SmarTrax-Only Systems (If Applicable)
If the machine does not contain an existing chassis power system (such as SmartYieldTM Pro), it is necessary to install the chassis power cable to operate the SmarTrax system. If a CAN system already exists on the machine, refer to Connect SmarTrax to an Existing SmartYieldTM Pro (If Applicable) below to connect power to the SmarTrax system.

  1. Locate the SmarTrax chassis cable (P/N 115-4001-085).
  2. Connect the TO SMARTRAX NODE connector from the chassis cable to the round 16-pin connector on the node harness (P/N 115-4001-235).
  3. Connect the TO CONSOLE CABLE connector to the Raven console cable.
  4. Install a terminator (P/N 063-0172-369) on the CAN cable connector.
  5. Loop and tie-off the REMOTE SWITCH cable connection, securing it with plastic cable ties as necessary.
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