Claas Dominator 150-140-130 Operators manual

Access to the workplace and maintenance areas. The operator's workplace / driver's seat (1) is in the machine cab. The operating elements in the workplace are used to start or shut down the machine.

This operator's manual is intended for all users and provides information on the use, operation, adjustment, maintenance, cleaning and transportation of the machine. Provided all instructions regarding proper maintenance and operation of your machine are followed, you can count on many years of reliable service.

Dominator 150-140-130 Excess-width machines
In case of excess-width self-propelled working machines (width exceeding 3 m across tyres), an individual operating permit based on an individual expert's opinion, a special approval according to § 70, sect. 1 of the German Regulations Authorising the Use of Vehicles for Road Traffic and a special approval according to § 29 of the German Regulations Authorising the Use of Vehicles for Road Traffic must be carried along.

Claas Dominator 150-140-130 Modifications to the machine
When parts of the machine whose condition is prescribed are subsequently modified or installed, the operation of which may endanger other road users, the Operating permit (individual operating permit) and the special approval expire.

To obtain a new individual operating permit, it is necessary to present the machine to the responsible technical inspection agency (TUEV, DEKRA) in order to prepare an individual expert's opinion according to § 19 of the German Regulations Authorising the Use of Vehicles for Road Traffic. If you are in any doubt as to whether this situation applies in your case, please contact CLAAS as the manufacturers.

Claas Dominator 150-140-130 Note on electronic engine management
Modern, powerful diesel engines such as those used in CLAAS Dominator 150-140-130 machines are equipped with an electronic engine management. The engines as well as the electronic engine management are optimally matched to the machine in question and the legal requirements in force regarding the emission of noise and pollutants.

Every intervention into the engine management programmed by the manufacturer results in adverse changes of the factory-set and optimum interplay of engine and machine and in failure to comply with both legal requirements regarding environmental properties and road traffic licensing regulations.

Any subsequent intervention into the electronic engine management will usually void the Operating permit and using the machine on public roads will be prohibited. A fine may be imposed to the owner/user of a machine that has been subsequently fiddled with. Fiddling with the electronic engine management may result in an increased risk from an insurance law point of view, and consequently in loss of insurance cover in comprehensive and liability insurance.

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