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PIX Agribelts are available in different types e.g. Regular section, Hexagonal section, Variable speed belts and Banded. They are specially made to provide maximum service life in the practical application. Hexagonal section provides the stability and support to transmit power on Agricultural serpentine drives.

Agriculture Variable Speed Belts are specially designed to withstand the high ambient temperature and oily conditions generally encountered in adjustable speed applications. For heavy duty application these belts are provided with special type of fabric at bottom for the extra flexibility required on small diameter pulleys and also with fibre filled compound on top side to impart extra rigidity in transverse direction. This enables the belt to withstand the forces and loads subjected during movement inside split type of pulleys.

The notable feature of Agricultural Variable Speed belts is that they transmit much higher loads over a narrower speed range. Therefore, Agricultural Variable Speed belts require higher tensile strength and are thicker with more reinforcement in the tensile support than Industrial belts. PIX Banded belts are more suitable in conditions where high vibrations and shock loads are expected.

Salient features of PIX Agribelts

  1. PIX Agribelts are designed for efficient power transmission with minimised heat generation.
  2. A special rubber compound with textile fibre oriented across the transverse direction of length of the Cut Edge Belts provides high stability and minimizes deflection in the cross section.
  3. The minimum stretch stiff polyester cords have been designed for heavy power transmission, while at the same time ensuring a very high degree of length stability.
  4. The sides of the belts have excellent abrasion resistant properties contributing significantly to long and useful belt life.
  5. Moulded cogs reduces bending stresses and improves heat dissipation in Cut Edge construction.

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