CASE IH 1190 Service Manual

1290 models with independent pto clutch manufactured before P.I.N. 11052369, or 1290 models with continuous pto clutch manufactured before P.I.N. 11052410 use a 3.2 liter (195 cu. in.) engine which has a stroke of 101.6 mm (4.0 inches). All 1290 models manufactured after these used 3.6 liter (219 cu. in.) engines which have a 114.3 mm (4.5 inches) stroke. Service procedures are the same for either engine.

A typical front wheel spindle, wheel hub and bearing assembly are shown in Fig. 1. It is recommended that wheel bearings be lubricated with multipurpose lithium base grease using a pressure grease gun after every 50 hours of normal operation.

To adjust wheel bearings, tighten slotted nut (17—Fig. 1) to 95 N-m (70 ft.-lbs.) torque while turning the wheel. Loosen the nut, then retighten to 40 N-m (30 ft.-lbs.) torque while turning the wheel. Make certain wheel turns freely. Loosen nut, if necessary, to align hole for cotter pin, then install a new pin.

Front support for Models 1190 and 1194 is an integral part of the main frame casting. To renew front support, first split tractor as outlined in paragraph 217. Remove side covers and engine cover support framework. Drain engine oil. Remove radiator hoses and radiator. Remove battery and battery support. Remove all engine mounting bolts. Disconnect all necessary pipes, control rods and electrical wiring. Remove engine oil pan. Use a hoist and remove engine. Remove any remaining components from main frame and support with a suitable lifting device. Remove front axle as outlined in paragraph 4. Reassemble by reversing disassembly procedure.

Models 1290-1294-1390-1394-1490-1494-1594-1690 Front support (main frame extension) bolts to main frame just forward of engine. To remove front support, first remove engine side covers, air cleaner assembly, battery and supports. Drain transmission and radiator. Remove oil cooler and lines (if so equipped), hydraulic pumps, lines and drive shaft. Remove radiator and hoses. Raise front of tractor and remove front axle as outlined in paragraph 4 for two-wheel drive models, or paragraph 8 or 25 for models equipped with front drive axle. Attach a hoist to front support and remove retaining bolts. Remove front support.

To remove assembly, first disconnect all steering lines and cap openings. Loosen locknuts (6—Fig. 5) on trunnion shaft cotter pins (31) until they are even with threaded ends. Using care to avoid damaging threads, drive cotter pins (31) through trunnion shaft. Remove locknuts and washers from cotter pins and remove pins (raise right end of axle for more clearance). Support axle and remove core plug (7) from trunnion shaft bore with punch and hammer. Use slide hammer to pull trunnion shaft (33). Raise front of tractor enough to clear axle and remove axle. Remove thrust washers (36) and "0" rings (35 and 37). To reinstall, reverse removal procedure. Bleed steering system as outlined in paragraph 58.

Remove axle assembly as outlined in paragraph 8. Remove the four trunnion shaft bushings (34—Fig.5) using a suitable puller. Install bushings making certain grease hole in each bore is between the two bushings. Refer to Fig. 6 for correct bushing placement.

If trunnion shaft bracket (32—Fig. 5) is to be renewed, remove bracket from axle housing and remove dowel pins. Loosely bolt new bracket to housing and drive dowel pins in. Tighten bolts to 203-244 N-m (150-180 ft.-lbs.) torque. Lubricate "0** rings and place in thrust washer grooves. When reinstalling thrust washers (36), "0" ring is toward front at front position and toward rear at rear position.

Drain oil from transfer case and transmission. Capacity is approximately 42 L (44 quarts). Remove front drive shaft. Engage front-wheel drive, then remove output shaft flange retaining nut (20 Fig. 16). Remove platform or cab, if equipped, as outlined in paragraph 348 or 349. Remove fuel tanks. Disconnect selector cable from selector shaft (4).

Remove left and right shift lever housings from transmission top cover. Remove bolts from transmission top cover, remove wedge and shims between top cover and clutch housing, and remove top cover using a suitable hoist.

Remove bolt (37) and locknut (39), then slide coupler (38) connecting transfer gearbox input shaft to transmission bevel pinion shaft rearward. Remove selector cable bracket (44) and hydraulic pump inlet pipe connector. Support transfer gearbox with a hydraulic jack, then remove gearbox mouting bolts and lower gearbox from transmission housing.

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