Case IH 2388 User Manual

Case IH 2388 User Manual
Case IH 2388 Owner's Manual

Thankyou for downloading my Case International 2388 Axial Flow combine v.1.1 for farming simulator 2011 Please read the user guide below to enjoy full useof the combine Grain types: wheat barley rape maize maizev2 soybean sunflower

The Case IH 2388 is equipped with a hydrostatic "gearbox" which has a range from -100% to +100% in each of the three gears. To increase/decrease the hydrostatic level press[Keypad +]/[Keypad -].To quickly reset the hydrostatic level to 0% (Neutral), press[Keypad *].

The hydrostat of the Case IH 2388 works in conjunction with a 3 speed manual gearbox.Increase/Descrease gear by pressing[Keypad /]/[Keypad 3].

The RPM of the 2388 engine is increased/decreased by pressing[keypad 4]/[Keypad 6]. The engine RPM can also be quick set to idle using[Keypad 5]. Idle rpm is 850 rpm. Max rpm is 2400 rpms. Increasing the motor RPM will increase your,speed, graintank unloading speed, your threasher speed and your header revolution speed.

When the hydrostatic gearbox is in neutral, the combine will roll if positioned on an incline. To stop this, press[space]to set the handbrake. To stop rapidly (event whenhydro is not in neutral)press[S]or [Brakepedals on steering wheel]. This will engage the Clutch/Brakes. This will not change the hydrolevel setting, and the combine will reengage at its prior speed when the brake/clutch is released. The handbrake will automatically disengage when the hydrostatic levelexceeds 0%

Operating speed:
The speed of the combine is a result of the combination of hydrolevel, Gear and Engine Rpm.Good Harvesting speeds (7-8 Kmh) can be experiencedaround Hydrolevel 50%, 2nd gear and 1800 - 2400 Rpms

Deactivate hydrostatic gearbox:
If you dont prefer the hydrostatic gearbox, shift to conventional (RPM limiter) gearbox by pressing [Z]. When the hydrostat is deactivated the RPM limitervalues of speed level 1 and 2 are set by pressing[Keypad+]/[Keypad -].

Manual Unload
Real combines unloads manually. By this I mean thatits up to the combine driver to activate and deactivate the unloading of grain. Once activated,the unload auger will continue to empty the Grain tank untill deactivated, even when a traileris not located underneath the Grain pipe. This means that unless you are carefull, you'll spill grain on the ground. To activate/deactivate grain unloading press[N].The manual unloading can only be engaged when youare driving the combine, and the pipe is fully extended. When the combine is Hired or autopiloted, the unloading of grain works automatically (std. gameplay).

Manual header lowering and raising
By default the 2388 will lift and lower the headerby pressing[V]. However you also have the option of lowering and raising the header "manually". To activate the manual header raise mode press[keypad Enter]. Then lower/raise the header by pressing (holdingdown)[Keypad2]/[Keypad 8]. The Header lift level is displayed on the A postdigital display.

Manual straw chopper
When harvesting crops that can produce swath (Barley and Wheat), the chopper has to be manually dismounted in order to stop the combine from chopping up the swath. This is done by exiting the combine and walking to the rear end ofthe combine (where the gray rotating straw spreader are mounted). When close enough to mount/dismount the spreaders, a mission text will appear in the upper Left Game HUD, asking you to press[b]to mount/dismount the strawspreaders. By default, the chopper (straw spreaders) are mounted. However if you dismount and save the game, the dismounting is remembered the next time you load the savegame.


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