Audi TT, TTS, TTRS Coupe Owners Manual

Audi TT, TTS, TTRS Coupe Owners Manual
PDF Audi TT, TTS, TTRS Coupe User Manual

Audi TT Manual PDF. Thank you for choosing an Audi TT Coupe - we value your trust in us. Your new Audi TT Coupe incorporates the newest technology as well as numerous features designed for your comfort, convenience and safety. We recommend you read your Owner's Manual thoroughly so that you can quickly become acquainted with your Audi. In addition to explaining how the different features work, we also give you many useful tips and information concerning your safety and that of your passengers, how to care for your vehicle and maintain your vehicle's value. We hope you enjoy driving your Audi TT Coupe and we wish you safe and pleasant motoring.

Audi TT, TTS, TTRS Coupe. In addition to this Owner's Manual, your Audi comes with a Warranty & Maintenance booklet. Moreover, depending on the model and the equipment, there may be additional instruction booklets delivered with your vehicle (for example, Operating Instructions for your Sound System, Navigation System etc.). If you are missing one ofthese publications, or if you believe that the information is not complete, contact your authorized Audi dealer for assistance.

Audi Engine cold
As Long as the needle remains at the Left end ofthe gauge, the engine stiLL has not reached its operating temperature. Avoid high engine speeds, heavy engine Loads and heavy throttLe.

Audi Switch off engine and check cooLant LeveL

  • Pull off the road and stop the vehicle.
  • Turn off the engine.
  • Check coolant level ¢ page 189.
  • Add coolant if necessary ¢ page 190.
  • Continue driving only after the engine coolant warning/indicator light goes out.
  • Contact your authorized Audi dealer for assistance if necessary.

Audi Auto Check Control
Some functions and vehicle components are scanned for their operating status when you switch the ignition on and while you are driving. Malfunctions or required service procedures are signaled audibly and indicated by r.ed and yellow illuminated symbols and reminders in the display.