2009 Audi Q5 / SQ5 Sound System Manual

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Audi Q5 / SQ5 Sound System. You have decided on the Audi Sound System - thank you very much for your confidence in us. With this equipment, you are acquiring a highly developed technical system which offers various choices for entertainment and communication. All the settings can be made centrally, using an easy to follow menu guide .

2009 Audi Q5. We recommend that you carefully read the operating instructions so that you quickly become completely familiar with all of the functions arnd possibilities of the system and are able to make full use of them while driving.

2009 Audi SQ5. Please note that these operating instructions are a supplement to your vehicle's owner's manual and should only be used in conjunction with the current owner's manual. Should you have any further questions about the Audi Sound System in your vehicle, please direct them to your authorized Audi dealer.

This user's manual contains important information, tips, suggestions, and warnings for the use of your vehicle. Make sure that this user's manual is always located in the vehicle. This is especially important if you allow other people to drive the veh icle, or if you sell it .

Both SD and MMC cards can be used as memory cards. The memory card reader has been tested with many of the products available on the market. However, in isolated cases it is possible that indiv idual memory cards may not be recogn ized.

Unrecognized voice commands
The systems reacts to your input wit h aud ible feedback. If a voice command is not recognized, the system asks Sorry? and asks you to repeat the command. After the third failed attempt, the response Cancel is given and the dialog is terminated.

Audi Q5 / SQ5 Sound System Manual

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