Agrison TX920L – TX30LX Wheel Loader Operation Manual

Agrison TX920L – TX30LX Wheel Loader Operation Manual
Agrison TX920L, Agrison TX30LX Wheel Loader Operation Manual

Introduction of Non road Series Diesel Engine
“Agrison” 90, 92, 95, 100, 102GB Series of diesel engine are designed. The advanced technology developed for diesel engines for non-road diesel machinery products .This series diesel engine has excellent power and economic indexes, high reliability and durability and mainly applicable for engineering and agricultural machinery, marine main and auxiliary engines, and small generating unit.. As required by users, by modification of part of components (such as adjusting injection pump, replacing clutch housing, oil pan, air outlet and inlet pipe, engine support, electric appliance system), it can meet the different requirements of performance and installation of vehicles (units).

Agrison TX30LX Wheel Loader Operation Manual
To ensure the normal use of the diesel engine, this specification describes the knowledge of non-road diesel machinery technical parameters, structure, performance and other aspects, while providing the use, maintenance and fault analysis of technical information and other aspects.

The data and description offered in the Instruction shall be based on current products solely. Please pay attention, due to continuous improvement of our products and for the purpose of satisfaction of different users, the in-kind product shall prevail if any discrepancy existed in the Instruction.

Agrison TX920L Wheel Loader Operation Manual
With diesel engine factory service manual, random tools and spare parts, the user can randomly enumeration tools and spare parts list. Before you use, please read this manual seriously , using strictly according to the provisions of this specification, maintenance and repair of diesel engine.

Thanks for your choosing “Agrison” diesel engine. The Instruction is prepared for your understanding its operation and maintenance. For the sake of safety of person and property, please read it carefully before using.

Chapter1 Main Technical Specifications and Parameters of 90, 92, 95, 100, 102 Series Diesel Engine Parameters listed in the book based standard environment (atmospheric pressure: 100Kpa, inlet temperature 298, dry air pressure 99Kpa, water vapor partial pressure 1Kpa, relative humidity 30%) in the value under the condition another particular value changes due to continuous product and product kind prevail.


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