Agrison Mini Excavator ME800/850 Operation Manual

Agrison Mini Excavator ME800/850 Operation Manual
Agrison Mini Excavator ME800

Shut down the engine before maintenance
When the excavator operates, or the excavator does not operate, but the engine works, avoid the lubricating or mechanically adjusting the excavator. If maintenance must be carried out when the engine works, two persons shall be assigned to work in a team and communicate with each other.

One person must sit on the driver's seat so that he could shut down the engine immediately if necessary. Special attention shall be paid not to touch the control lever and the pedal except for special case. The other person performing the maintenance shall keep the body or clothes away from the excavator moving parts.

Fix working device
When repairing and replacing the dozer teeth or side teeth, firmly fix the working device to prevent accidental movement of the excavator. Keep it stable when the engine hood or cover is opened. Fix the engine hood or cover before working in the excavator. Please keep the engine hood or cover closed when the wind is heavy or the excavator stops on the slope.

Regular replacement of safety key parts
To ensure safe usage of the excavator over a longer period, regularly fill the fuel and carry out the inspection and maintenance. In order to improve the safety, please regularly replace the hose and seat belt and other safety key parts.Agrison Mini Excavator ME800 Operation Manual,Agrison Mini Excavator 850 Operation Manual,Agrison Mini Excavator 850 user Manual,Agrison Mini Excavator 850 Owner's Manual

“Regularly replaced safe key parts” refer to the parts that will age, wear and have deteriorated function after using repeatedly. The performance of such parts will change over time. The characteristics of such parts may cause mechanical damage or serious injury. It is difficult to judge the remaining service life by visual inspection or operation feeling. If any damage is found in visual inspection, please regularly replace the safe key parts, even if it doesn’t reach the specified replacement interval. Regularly replace the fuel hose. The fuel hose will wear over time, even if the fuel hose doesn’t show any signs of wearing.

Replace the parts in case of wearing no matter what the replacement schedule is. To safely use the excavator, please carry out regular inspection and maintenance. Replace the following safe key parts regularly to improve the safety. The damaged parts will cause serious injury or fire.