Agrison Air Conditioning Instructions

Agrison Air Conditioning Instructions
Agrison Air Conditioning Instructions

Section 1 Working Principle Of Tractor Air Conditioner
From the foregoing fig. we can see that the cooling procedure of the air conditioner is like this: refrigerant is compressed to gas under high temperature and high pressure by compressor and fed into condenser. It passes condenser rapidly and is condensed to liquid under high pressure. Then it flows into evaporator through filter and inflatable valve. In evaporator it evaporates and sucks heat and becomes overheated steam under low pressure before it goes into compressor again. Then this procedure goes on Air in the cab exchanges heat with refrigerant in evaporator and becomes cold air, which blows into the cab. This will continue and make the cab temperature lower.

Section 2 Structure Feature
Main components of air conditioner: compressor, condenser, drier, evaporator, tube system and electric control system. The air conditioner systems of DKT-3.5 series, DKQ-4.5 series and DKY-3.5 series are all driven by engines. Both DKT-3.5 and DKY-3.5 series have two air conditioner thpes: cooling only type and cooling & heat type. Heat system decreases its temperature mainly by circular water in the engine.

Cooling system and heating system can work independently. You can choose either cooling only type or cooling & heat type which depends on your need. DKT-3.5 series is the tractor air conditioner, DKY-3.5 series is the road roller air conditioner, and DKQ-4.5 series is designed for truck. It is the cooling only type.

Electric control system, the automatic controlling system, uses temperature controller to control the compressor running or stopping, and that leads cab temperature to reach the presetted temperature. Electric control system also has some protections.

Section 3 Operation Instruction
The following fig. is the controlling board of the air conditioner. The main component: temperature controller (TEMP), three-way switch and indicative lamp.

Section 3 Operation Instruction

May you turn on the air conditioner after the engine has been running, and must turn off the air conditioner first, then turn off the engine. For the cooling/heating air conditioner, in summer, the heat water valves must be closed and open the three-level switch, A/C.

Agrison Maintenance & Troubleshooting
Daily maintenance

  • Check and clean the condenser, clean wing plate.
  • Check the amount of refrigerant in cooling system from lens when air conditioner is running. The normal state is that you can’t see air bubble.
  • Check transmission belt between compressor and engine. Whether it becomes flexibleor not.

Regular maintenance

  • After air conditioner has run for a period, you should inspect the connecting parts and tubes t. (every month)
  • Inspecting compressor standing bolts. They should be tightened or be replaced immediately if they become a litter flexible.
  • Inspecting fan whether it run normally.
  • Inspecting all places where electric parts and wires meet. They should be tightened in time.


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