Agrison Road Grader Operation Manual

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Sincerely thank you for choosing "AGRISON" brand motor grader, we will provide high quality products and customer service for you. Our company developed AGRISON motor graders by absorbing the essence of technology at home and abroad graders and combining with the excellent engineering design and mature experience. AGRISON motor grader is a kind of engineering machinery with versatility and high efficiency.

Agrison Road Grader user Manual
It is widely used in highway, airport, road construction, water conservancy construction and farmland transformation, also can realize the ground smoothing, slope scraping, bulldozing, snow clearing, placing materials, mixing and etc.

Agrison Road Grader Operation Manual
The operating instruction introduces the details of AGRISON motor grader, including technical features, performance parameters, working principles, structures, safe operations, maintenance and other aspects of the content.

In order to use the grader better, please read the instruction carefully before operating It will :

  • help you to understand the machine
  • avoid the trouble due to improper operation
  • increase reliability of the machine operating
  • prolong service life of the machine
  • reduce repairing cost and shutdown time.

Please ensure to read the instruction at any time and keep it available as the tool in the tool box. Only understand the content of it fully, you can operate the grader skillfully and safely.

Users should be careful to maintain and correctly use the grader, AGRISON will not afford the responsibility causing by violate operation of the following rules.

Please read the instruction carefully before operate the grader. Please operate the grader according to the instruction requirements and in correct range. Please do not use it in any other incorrect way. The operator must be trained and skilled persons with stable emotion, clear mind and quick reaction. Please do not to allow the non professional technicians to repair or remove the grader.

Maintenance must follow the requirements of the instruction. For the maintenance of the engine, please strictly follow the requirements of the engine manufacturer.

Section 2 Main technical characteristics
By using the full hydraulic torque converter and the wheel side speed reducer make the torque enlarge and high efficiency. There are four forward shifts and four reverse shifts, can realize stepless variation at any shift. It can be operated in any work condition as the best speed.

It has wide vision, good sealing and comfortable cab with cooling & heating air conditioner. The hydraulic operating system adopts the load-sensing system including the variable displacement pump and load sensing multiway control valve, with the advantages of saving power, less heat, preselecting the maximum flow by multiway valve and good operating performances.

Service brake system adopts double-loop and hydraulic power controlling, has the advantages of smooth braking, safe and reliable, simple structure and easier maintenance. The double-loop can realize regular work by one loop when another one failure, which to ensure the reliability of non-power driving and braking state.

Agrison Road Grader

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