Agrison Mini Excavator ME1600 Operation Manual

Agrison Mini Excavator ME1600 Operation Manual
Agrison Mini Excavator ME1600

The operation section is the technical reference for the driver to use the machine. In the meantime, the driver uses the graphic and text control to guide the driver to use the correct procedure to check, start, operate and stop the machine. The operating techniques outlined in the manual are a basis. If the driver gets the knowledge of machine and function, he can improve his skills and skills.

The maintenance part is a guide book for users to maintain the whole machine. The demo graph is arranged according to the time of maintenance cycle from short to long. The specific maintenance measures for machines and tools are detailed in the Lubrication and Maintenance Periodic Table. Users should maintain the maintenance items according to the requirements of the Lubrication and Maintenance Periodic Table according to the working time of machines.

Agrison Mini Excavator ME1600 user Manual
Make sure that the waste oil discharged from the machine is collected in the container. The improper treatment of waste oil will cause harm to the environment. Please comply with applicable laws and regulations when dealing with hazardous substances such as lubricating oil, fuel oil, coolant, solvent, filter and battery. Treatment of hazardous chemicals

Direct contact with harmful chemicals can cause serious injury. The harmful chemicals used in this machine include grease, battery electrolyte, coolant, paint and adhesive. Please handle hazardous chemicals carefully and properly.

Common faults and elimination method
The problems identified during maintenance should be taken in time to adjust the maintenance of hydraulic or electrical system, and contact the designated suppliers of Agrison heavy industries nearby. Agrison Mini Excavator ME1600 Operation Manual,Agrison Mini Excavator ME1600 user Manual,AgrisonMini Excavator ME1600 owner Manual

Please entrust a Agrison service agent for welding repair
When welding is necessary, qualified personnel must be carried out in a wellequipped workplace. In order to prevent damage to any part of the machine caused by
excessive electric current or electric spark, please observe the following items.

The wiring of the battery should be disconnected before the electric welding. Do not continue to apply 200V or larger voltage. The location shall be connected within the range of 1 meters away from the welding part. Do not connect the grounding terminal to the electric control device / instrument or connector.


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