Agrison Generator Instruction Manual

Agrison Generator Instruction Manual
Agrison Generator

Installation and Handling
This manual covers procedures for installation and handling of generator sets. This chapter should be read before installing the generator set or moving/lifting the generator set .The following safety precautions should be noted.

  1. If the generator is fixed indoor, the vent must be placed in an area where it connects to the outside air.
  2. The ground for the generator should be concrete and flat. Fix the bridge of generator on the ground with bolts.
  3. The control screen should be grounded to ensure safety.
  4. Connect the wires of the battery and the diesel engine

Mechanical Safety Considerations
The generator set is designed with guards for protection from moving parts. Care must still be takne to protect personnel and equipment from other mechanical hazards when working around the generating set

To ensure the longevity of the diesel generators, minor maintenance is required after the set has run for over 50h and major maintenance after over 1000h.Please refer to your Warranty Agreement for full servicing requirements and intervals.
1.Daily Maintenance

  • Check if the set is clean and the junctions are firm.
  • Check the wear degree and tenseness of the radiator fan V-belt.
  • Find if there are blocks or leaks in the water hopper, fuel tank or fuel pipes.
  • Clean the surfaces of the generator, slip rings and silicon rectifier.
  • Remove all the bearing covers which are back bearing casing of alternator of the revolution system to see if the lubricating grease is clean.
  • Check the wear degree of the brush and replace the brush if it has been worn out. Re-adjust the pressure of the brush spring.

2. Major Maintenance

  • If you find the insulation resistance of the electrical equipment or the wires in the control box falls below 0.5MΩ, dry the electrical equipment or replace the wires.
  • Check the surface of the slip rings and the wear degree of the brush.
  • Dismantle the ball bearing and clean with petrol.
  • Blow off the dust on the parts with compressed air whose pressure is lower than 1.96×105Pa.
  • Check and ensure good contact and electric conduction in all connections. Find if the pressure of the silicon rectifier and rectifier have become lower.
  • Check if there are damaged components in the control box, and check the accuracy of the meters on the faceplate of the control box.
  • See if there are blocks or leaks in the radiator, water pipes, fuel tank or fuel pipes.

3. Dismantling and Reassembly

  • Completely drain the water and fuel.
  • Disconnect every wire connection after marking the wires respectively.
  • Dismount the control box and put it in a clean place.
  • Slacken the V belt, remove the radiator, then remove the fan.

Agrison Generator Maintenance Manual

  1. The generator should be stored in a dry place if it is put on the surface of the earth or cement ground, it should be raised using inmbrin and covered with oilcloth to protect the damp.
  2. To prevent the entering of moisture including rust, water drops and metal scraps.
  3. Cannot be covered with any other coverage in order to have good ventilation.
  4. Cannot overload.
  5. Cannot be used in an environment where there is steam, rust and flammable gases.
  6. The bearing grease shall be renewed at intervals of about 1500 operating hours, clean the used grease from the bearing, wash the chamber using kerosene and fill with new grease every year. The bearing chamber should be filled up to ½ volume. Grease mixed with different grade shall not be used #ZL-3 lithium grease shall be used. The temperature of bearing cannot exceed 95C.

The generator must be serviced by a Qualified Diesel Mechanic according to the Warranty Agreement, which is supplied at the point of sale. Open the cover and switchbox, if you find rust inside the generator; please clean it with dry compressed air. The pressure cannot exceed 0.4 Mpa. Check if fire grease is clean or not. If it becomes discoloured, it should be renewed.