Agrison Electric Forklift Operation Manual

Agrison Electric Forklift Operation Manual
Agrison Electric Forklift

Driving, Operation and Daily Maintenance of Forklift Truck
The drivers and managers of forklift trucks must keep in mind "Safety first" and perform safe and standardized operations in accordance with Operation and Maintenance Manual and Driver Handbook.

Transportation of forklift truck
When containers or trucks are used to load and transport forklift trucks, attention must be paid to the following precautions:

  1. Brake the parking brake
  2. Fix the mast and the counterweight with steel wires at the front and back, and well pad and firmly wedge the corresponding positions of the front and rear tyres with wedges
  3. Perform lifting according to the position indicated in the "Lifting label" of the forklift truck.

Agrison Electric Storage of forklift truck

  1. Lower the mast to the lowest position
  2. Close the electric lock, place all joysticks at the neutral positions, and pull off the power plug
  3. Tighten the hand brake lever
  4. Well pad the front and rear tyres with wedges
  5. In case of parking for a long time, keep the wheels overhead. Complementarily charge the battery once a month.

Agrison Electric Forklift Preparation before operation

  1. Check whether each instrument is normal
  2. Check the air pressures of the tyres
  3. Check the conditions of each handle and the pedal
  4. Check whether the voltage of the battery pack is within the working range and whether the specific gravity and the level of the electrolyte are suitable
  5. Check whether the contact of each connector or plug of the electrical system is reliable
  6. Check the hydraulic oil, the electrolyte and the braking fluid for leakage
  7. Check each main fastener for tightness
  8. Check whether the lighting and signals, etc. are normal
  9. Release the parking brake
  10. Perform test run of mast lifting, front and rear tilting, steering and braking
  11. Ensure that the pollution degree of the hydraulic oil is not higher than

Precautions for safe operation
Since forklift trucks belong to special equipment, only the drivers passing the training and examination and holding driving licenses can drive them maintenance shall also be performed by the personnel passing the training and examination, so as to guarantee normal usage of forklift trucks The operators shall wear shoes, helmets, clothes and gloves used for safety protection during operation

Agrison Electric Forklift user Manual
When the center of gravity of the goods is 500mm from the fork arm, the maximum load is the rated lifting capacity and the load shall not exceed the specified value during handling. When the center of gravity of the goods is greater than 500mm from the fork arm, the lifting capacity shall be reduced according to the value specified in the load curve and overload is prohibited strictly

Forklift trucks are only suitable for operation on flat and hard pavements. Any oil or grease on the pavement must be wiped off Before and after usage of forklift trucks, routine inspection must be performed and operation with any fault is prohibited in the working process of the forklift truck, if any abnormity is found, the forklift truck must be stopped for inspection and can't be operated until troubleshooting

Agrison Electric Forklift Owner's Manual
When a handle is operated, attention shall be paid to preventing the other handle from moving and the handle shall not be operated at any position other than the driver's seat It is prohibited to load unfixed or loosely stacked goods and the goods with large dimensions shall be handled with care

The forklift trucks equipped with fittings specially ordered by the users make the scope of application wider. However, the forklift trucks with fittings will reduce the effective load and the stability. The equipped fittings and special devices shall not be used for other purposes. Please read the additional information and use the forklift trucks in strict accordance with the requirements. No user shall modify the forklift trucks without permit.