Agrison CDF 80HP – CDF 100HP Operation Manual

Agrison CDF 80HP – CDF 100HP Operation Manual
Agrison CDF 80HP – CDF 100HP

Thank you for your trust of our company and procurement of our “Shuhe” series wheeled tractor. To correctly, rationally, and efficiently use the tractor, please pay attention to the following important information:

  1. Prior to using the tractor, please carefully read this Use And Maintenance no matter you are a new or experienced driver. By this way, you can operate the tractor more rationally and effectively.
  2. To bring more economic benefits and extend the service life of the tractor, you are recommended to, prior to using the tractor, carefully read the Use And Maintenance and the Use And Maintenances of the accompanied engine and agricultural machinery as well as strictly perform corresponding stipulations to do well in the tractor operation, repair, and maintenance, so as to fully play its performance.
  3. It is not allowed to randomly retrofit the tractor, so as to avoid affecting its performance and leading to accidents; in addition, it will also make it difficult to perform the “three-guarantee” service.
  4. The tractor can only be operated, maintained, and repaired by the staff familiar with the tractor characteristics and with the safe operation knowledge.
  5. The driver shall bear the agricultural vehicle and tractor driving license issued by the local transportation department.
  6. Due to different agricultural conditions and soil states, the purpose, parameters, supporting agricultural machinery, and working efficiency recommended in the Use And Maintenance may be different, and the user is recommended to make selections based on actual conditions. Upon use, the stipulations in the Use And Maintenance shall be strictly followed; or else, the tractor performance may be degraded or the malfunction may be caused.