Agrison Automatic Generator Operating Manual

Agrison Automatic Generator Operating Manual
Agrison Automatic Generator

Agrison HGM6100K series Genset controller integrating digital, intelligent and network techniques is used for automatic control system of diesel generator. It can carry out functions including automatic start/stop, data measure and alarm protective. The controller uses LCD display, optional Chinese, English, Spanish and Russian display interface with operation easy and reliable.

Agrison HGM6100K series Genset controller uses micro-processing technique which can carry out precision measure, constant value adjustment, timing and threshold setting and etc. functions. It can be widely used in all types of generator automatic control system for compact structure, advanced circuits, simple connections and high reliability, can be widely applied to various types of generating units automation system.

Agrison HGM6100K controller has four types:

  • HGM6110K/6110KC: Automatic Start Module, it controls generator to start/stop by remote start signal
  • HGM6120K/6120KC: Based on HGM6110K/6110KC and add mains AC monitoring, Mains/Generator automatic switching control functions (AMF), especially suitable for the automation system composed by Mains and Generator.

Sequence of Auto Start,

  1. HGM6120KC, When Mains is abnormal (over and under voltage, or miss phase), enters into mains “abnormal delay” and LCD display count down time. When mains abnormal delay is over, enter into “start delay”.
  2. HGM6110KC, entries into “start delay” as soon as “Remote Start” is input valid.
  3. “Count down” of start delay is displayed in LCD.
  4. When start delay is over, preheat relay is outputting (if be equipped), “preheat start delay XX s” is displayed in LCD.
  5. When preheat relay is over, oil relay is outputting 1s and then start relay-output if genset fails in starting during “cranking time”, the oil and start relays stop outputting and enters into “crank rest time” and wait for next attempt.
  6. If genset fails in starting within setting attempt times, the fourth line of LED will in black and start failed alarm will be displayed on it.
  7. Whatever times to start genset successfully, it will enter into “safety on time”. During this period, alarms of low oil pressure, hi-temperature, under speed, charge fail and Aux. input (been configured) are inactive. As soon as this delay is over, genset will enter into “start idle delay” (if this be configured).

Sequence of Auto Stop,

  1. HGM6120KC, When Mains recovery during genset running, enters into mains voltage “normal delay” and its indicator light after Mains normal be confirmed. “Start delay” is beginning.
  2. HGM6110KC, genset enters into “stop delay” as soon as “Remote Start” putting is inactive.
  3. As soon as “stop delay” is over, genset enters into “High Speed cooling delay”. Mains are close and breaker is disconnected. After switch “rest time delay”, mains are close and relay is output as well as with loading. Gens‟ indicator is dark while mains‟ light.
  4. Idle relay has power and outputs as soon as entering “stop idle relay” (If this been configured).
  5. When enters “ETS relay”, ETS relay has power and outputs. Oil relay‟s output is disconnected.


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